Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Do I Blog?

My husband recently me asked this. He thinks I should try to market my blog more...

I've thought about this question some and here's what I've come up with.
I blog because I'm a journalist not in a writing profession and I would die a slow death if I couldn't write.
I blog because I miss my family and want them to know what's going on with me and my family.
I blog because I think I'm funny...though I'm sure others don't.
I blog because it makes the day go faster
I blog because it eases my mind to write what I'm thinking or feeling.
I blog because I'm lonely without my husband who works nights.
I blog because, in some ways, I'm a little vain. I think my son is the cutest EVER.

On a random note: I blog because I like to type on a keyboard. I can type really fast and I love the sound of the clacking on the keys.

As for marketing my blog. I know some people have been fortunate enough to make some money off their blogs. I haven't reached that point yet and I don't think I'll be very sad if I never make it. I like writing, even if I'm not getting paid for it.
I'm okay with that. Its like having my own journal at the tip of my fingers instead of next to my bed.
It's a huge release and something I'd probably go cray-zay without.

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Sara said...

I love that you blog too... its great keeping up with everyone in this crazy world where no one really ever gets the chance to talk to one another because of family, school, work etc... and hey you have all three going for you! And pictures of cute little kids always makes a bad day wonderful!! I love living vicariously through you and your sweet little family.