Monday, March 22, 2010

Yet Another Reason For Me to NEVER Watch Golf

I know this has been an ongoing issue, but I figure I would write a quick post about my thoughts on this guy:
Yuck right!?

So maybe like a year ago, if I'd of looked at a picture of this guy a little light bulb would have gone off and my brain would have said, "Oh! That's Tiger Woods. He's a good golfer. He wears red when he golfs. He has really big teeth."

I'm not much of a golfer (although mini-golf rules!) and I don't ever care to watch it. I think its sooo boring to just walk around a golf course and take a swing here or there, maybe a putt. I'm more of a fast paced sport person. I love basketball and volleyball rocks.
All of the men in my family find golfing fascinating. During nearly every family function there is some golf match on and if I wanted to fall asleep really fast, all I would have to do was sit down on the couch in front of the tv and watch all of 5 minutes before I'm out. 

But I'm getting off topic. 

So a year ago, I wouldn't think more than somewhat innocent thoughts about Tiger Woods.
But, now after all of the scandal he's become immersed in recently I hate looking at his pictures. I hate hearing news about him. I flat out hate him. I know, HATE is such a strong and negative word, but let me explain why I use this term.

Tiger Woods is an example of how the world's morals are SO corrupt. The man was married to a beautiful woman and had two gorgeous kiddos. I understand that marriages go through ups and downs, but the best thing you can do is keep communication lines open with your spouse or for heavens sake, go and see a marriage counselor. Here is an example of how when you are in the public's eye nothing is private. WHEN WILL THESE PEOPLE LEARN. 
Now I have to read about all of his dirty laundry and the dirty women he made company with. Tiger, how do I say this delicately...Keep it in your pants. 
You disgust me. Marriage and family should be something sacred, but you decided to take a big ole dump on that. I personally hope your wife gives you the boot and you're never able to recover from the scandal. 
You don't deserve the endorsements, you don't deserve the attention, you don't deserve the money. 
P.S. I came across a news article that had some of the text conversations between you and one of your many "acquaintances." You should be seriously considering, deep down in your soul, who you really are. You have some problems that I don't think a month in rehab will cure. 

I vomit a little in my mouth every time I see you talking on TV. You don't even sound sincere. You sound like a robot. You and Jesse James and LeAnn Rimes should all start a loser club. You can all be the best of friends. 
Okay- venting done. Don't support this sick man. Give up watching golf whenever he competes. Watch something awesome like The Princess and the Frog instead.

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