Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday Pam!!!

Pam's Birthday was April 6. We were out of town and I missed the post. I was hoping to post sooner, but my week has been extremely crazy. Sorry Pam- here's your post!

Pam is the best because:
  • She's from the South and maintains her accent still, to this day.
  • She retired from the Air Force as Lieutenant Colonel and now works at Benefis
  • Pam is extremely generous and thoughtful
  • She has eyes only for her grandson :) and he loves her
  • She is the voice of reason and will tell you straight up!
  • Pam has a very special place reserved in God's heart. She is the epitome of faith.
  • Pam is a great cook!

Happy Birthday! We love you Pam/Mema!

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