Monday, April 19, 2010

Sarah's Adventures in Baking

We're going over to a friend's house for dinner tonight. This is something VERY wonderful for Jeff and I. We don't get invited out a lot. I offered to bring dessert and went looking through my cupboards and cookbooks yesterday. I thought I would make a boxed cake, but was bored with that idea and wanted more of a challenge. So I checked to see if I had enough ingredients to make chocolate cake from scratch. I sure did. It was a success. The cake looks and smells delicious. I whipped up some peanut butter frosting (my first attempt making this) and I think it will add a nice touch. I'll maybe write a follow-up on the verdict after dinner. Here are some pictures. I didn't put it on my pretty cake platter because I'd have to transport it and the pan with the lid is just nicer to carry.

The peanut butter frosting- looks like peanut butter huh!
A shot of the actual cake under the frosting. There's some flour on the bottom of the pan to prevent sticking.

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Sara said...

oh yum yum. You may have to post the recipe for that peanut butter frosting!