Monday, May 3, 2010

Love in Pictures

I love my guy so much. And, I think when he takes a minute to stop running around my house, playing in Lucy's water dish and climbing on furniture, I think Caderyn loves me too.

I could look at him like this all day. But I think that would freak him out. Plus, he would probably slap me in the face and get raspberries all over my nose.
This picture is rated PG for the cleavage shot. All I want to do is smooch on him and he always gets away.
He loves his goofy mama. I'm okay with that. :)
Our model faces.
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1 comment:

Sara said...

Sarah... I am so glad you put that link up. I put a post on facebook one day asking if you sold Lia Sophia still and Bryanna quickly corrected me (what we would we do without her)... but I decided I will need some jewelry for rotations so I will need to have a look around! Ya for tax returns!