Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeffy Bear!

Jeff and Sarah. Newly engaged 2006

Yesterday was my dear, sweet husband's birthday. He is 27.
Jeffy is the best because:

  • He lets me call him Jeffy
  • He takes direction (me bossing him around) really well
  • He is a wonderful father and Caderyn adores him
  • He keeps our lawn looking spick and span in the summer
  • He loves me, just as I am
  • He's a snuggler
  • He's a very passionate human being and I love him
8 weeks pregnant at our friends' wedding

Newly married 8/4/2007

Holding guy for the first time 3/12/2009

Our new family

My guys

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Jeff said...

Thank you honey. I love it very much.