Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Start Your Morning With a Laugh

Caderyn's poor little bottom has taken a beating this week from some blueberries.
They may be super healthy for your child, but if you let them eat massive quantities of them, their poor little bottoms will horribly chap from all that blueberry-ey-goodness.
So his little bottom is chapped and raw- its the worst I've ever seen it. We're doing multiple warm baths and have gone through two tubes of diaper cream this week.
This morning I assessed the damage as I changed Caderyn's morning diaper. It was a little better but he still needed diaper cream. But it was nowhere to be found. I searched the changing table area and finally just let Caderyn down off the changing table sans diaper. I thought the fresh air would help his little tush.

After searching for a minute I found some Bag Balm and called Caderyn into his room (he'd been enjoying his "freedom" and was chasing Lucy in the living room). He ran into the room, stopped right at his door just inside of his room (on the carpet) and peed more than I'd ever seen him pee.
It surprised him and he kept looking down at himself like, "Wow, that's coming from me!"
I just stood there laughing.
As soon as I was sure he was done I diaper creamed him up and put on a diaper and then went about scrubbing the pee spot with rags and some of the animal carpet cleaner we have.

Now mind you. Caderyn was just one step away from the hardwood floor. That would have made my job a lot easier.

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Jeff said...

I shouldn't have had the Mexican meatloaf last night. I'm sharing in Caderyn's pain.