Friday, June 11, 2010

What Am I Doing RIGHT NOW?

Well, thanks for asking!
I'm typing on my computer while watching Season One of Saturday Night (Live)- It was called Saturday Night back then. Candice Bergen is hosting the one I'm watching. I should be in bed, but I'm patiently waiting for my laundry in the drier to dry and whats in the washer to wash.
I'm enjoying the silence in my house now that Caderyn has gone to bed.
He's developed a screaming addiction and SCREAMS at the top of his lungs all the time. It's beginning to get slightly annoying- good thing I love him.
Lucy is snuggled up on my feet and my house smells slightly like cooked chicken- Caderyn has this for dinner.

Aren't you glad you asked????

1 comment:

Kelly Smith said...

you make me laugh.