Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cool Down

My life has been chaos the past couple of weeks. I'm barely hanging on- but summer work is almost done and then I can take a little breath!

For now, until I actually have more than 5 minutes to post, I'm going to leave you with a funny story I've been meaning to post on here.

A while ago- probably May- I was working out in our gym. I'd descended into the infamous Meat Market where all of the guys work out. I like some of the machines they have down there and I can't get those in the Women's Center.
So, I was down there. Minding my own business trying on an arm machine probably rocking out to Lady Gaga while avoiding the weird male vibe I get when I'm downstairs.
Two older guys had just finished up playing racquetball and were cooling down.
I wouldn't have given them a second glance, but then I heard the distinct sound of a beer can being opened and I was intrigued. I looked up to see these two men sitting across from each other with Rainier tallboys in their hands. Now, I'm pretty sure alcohol isn't allowed at our is a gym, but this cracked me up.
It left me thinking...only, only, only in MONTANA.

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