Monday, August 23, 2010


Here's Caderyn. He loves summer and being outside. He was able to take some time out of his very busy schedule of chasing Lucy, throwing balls and "mowing" the lawn to kick back in his very special Caderyn chair. See how he lounges with the greatest of ease...don't you wish relaxing were this easy!

On a side note: Here are the twin baby deer (deers?) that have taken up residence in our neighborhood.
They like to relax in the shade of our lilac bushes whilst lounging upon the cool cement of our driverway.
They like to frolic happily in our yard and munch on apples from our apple trees.
They also like to:
  • poop everywhere (and then Lucy eats it)
  • pee everywhere (and then Lucy rolls in it)
  • scare the living daylights out of me at night by munching on the bushes outside our window (and then Lucy barks at them)
  • scare Lucy and her mommy when they stomp at her
  • distract Lucy and encourage her to make poor choices- like running out of the yard

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