Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Epic Weight Loss

My battle with the baby weight is coming along beautifully. Recently, I followed my brother's lead and have given up sugar. I do allow myself one sweet treat a week- usually Monday, Tues or Wed. I weigh in at Weight Watchers on Friday so I try to be as good as possible on Thursday. But in the scheme of things, I like my treats and I'm not going to 100 percent deprive myself. I'm just practicing self-control.
The first week back from vacation and without sugar, I lost 1.6 pounds. The second week back I lost 4.1 (woo!), I was unable to weigh in last Friday but when I went to weigh in this Friday I had lost 3.8 (woo again!).
I'm now 15 pounds from my goal weight- which is what I weighed before I got pregnant.
To date I have lost 31.8 pounds. Holy smokes! That's more than my son currently weighs!
If you think about it- I probably lost 20ish pounds after giving birth and then starting to eat correctly on my own. Wowzers.
For all you mothers out there- it is possible to lose that baby weight. You have to be dilligent and focused on the prize. I have two prizes in mind 1. Is the ultimate health for myself so I live a long and fruitful life for my husband and children and 2. Is the nice pile of clothes I used to fit into before pregnancy that are happily calling my name more and more each day.

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Allison Barry said...

Good Job!!! I can't wait to have my baby and get started on feeling like myself again. I am proud of your progress!!!