Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good Grief!

I spent the better part of my weekend making my dog puke.
Sounds great...doesn't it?

For some reason, Lucy decided to choose this weekend to be a spawn of Satan. She got into the garbage and proceeded to eat everything she could find. Diapers, a toothbrush, tampons, hair...whatever was in there.
She has gotten into it at least once a day, all when I've had my back turned.
I'm so mad at her I've threatened to sell her to the pound at least twenty times. She's currently sitting out on the lawn too afraid of me to come inside. I don't blame her. I just finished cleaning up her last mess.

Did you know that when your dog eats something bad you should give them hydrogen peroxide- at least 2 tablespoons?? I didn't until Friday. Saturday and now again on Sunday.

Here's a picture of the bad little devil herself.

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