Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm like 95% focused on losing the last 15-20 pounds of this baby weight and finally fitting into my regular before-baby clothes. For the past two weeks I've pretty much cut all sugar out of my diet and have been walking and working out like a madwoman. I've been allowing myself one day a week to have a sweet treat and then usually after I weigh in at Weight Watchers on Friday I go a little crazy and have a lunch at my favorite cafe in town. This is a big deal because I've been surviving on garden burgers, rice and beans, fruit and veggies, Fage (Fah-Yey) yogurt and some other stuff the past two weeks.
Last week I weighed in at Weight Watchers for the first time in over a month and I am proud to say I actually lost weight. I weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping for another loss.
Cutting the sugar out hasn't been as terrible as I thought it would be. The Fage with strawberries and bananas in it definitely helps.
I think I've also just reached that point where I AM SO READY TO BE MY NORMAL SIZE.

Although focused, this new commitment doesn't come without challenges.
Like today, for example, all I can think about is eating breakfast. A huge gooey, horribly unhealthy breakfast. I could eat breakfast for every meal.

So, to help me out and get it off my mind I'm going to blog about my top five favorite places to eat breakfast in Montana (that I've eaten at before). I'm also going to post this on my new blog (yes, I have two that I write on now).

#5: Shellie's Cafe. Helena, MT. Their omelettes and biscuits and gravy are to die for.
#4: The Shack. Missoula, MT. Expensive, but their french toast is AMAZING.
#3: It's a tie. Five Loaves Coffee House. Great Falls, MT. Their baked oatmeal is worth waiting for.
     And Soby's Cafe in Bozeman, MT. Some of the best breakfast burritos around. 
#2: It's a tie (I should have just done top ten). Bagel's on Broadway. Missoula, MT. Try their Broadway Bagel with cream cheese.
      The Uptown Diner. Missoula, MT. Milkshakes and breakfast. Yesssssssss.
#1 Best Place That I Think I Have Ever Eaten Breakfast In Montana Is..... Cateye Cafe. Bozeman, MT. The biggest and most delicious Banana Bread French Toast I have ever tasted.

Do you think I missed something? Let me know and I will give it a shout out! Leave me a comment.


The McGregor Clan said...

Way to go trying to finish to the goal line!! They say that last 10 pounds is the toughest. I am going to need your encouragement come Jan when it's my turn. :)

Sarah said...

The whole "no-sugar" thing has really had an impact. I weighed in yesterday at Weight Watchers and I'd lost 4.8 pounds in a week!