Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sicky Sick Sick

Date: Yesterday, August 30th.

Scenario: Jeff and I both woke up sick with the flu. We took Caderyn to daycare because he was a trooper and acting like a happy little dude. Jeff and I both crashed on the couch for the rest of the day with frequent trips to the bathroom (oh, yeah).

The time comes to pick Caderyn up from daycare. We pick him up and power through the rest of the evening until Little Guy goes to bed. We again crash on the couch.

Time of Incident: 12:15 a.m.

Incident: I hear a horrible gagging sound coming from the baby monitor followed by Caderyn's screams. Jeff and I both rush in to his room to see lots of throw up and a sobbing little boy. Soothing words were spoken to Bub and Jeff got him out of the crib and into the tub while I set about getting the dirty blankets, sheets and pjs sanitized (Keep in mind I've been nauseaous the whole day thanks to the flu). Caderyn cries the whole time because all the little guy wants to do is go back to sleep. :(  We clean him up, put fresh sheets and blankies on the bed and fresh pjs on the little guy. He goes back to sleep. So do we.

Time of Incident: 12: 40 a.m.

Incident: Horrible gagging noise followed by screams. We rush in there again. Caderyn is sobbing and vomiting. Mommy is worried. Daddy puts Bub in the tub again and Mommy puts all blankets, sheets and pjs in a pile because the other vomit load hasn't finished washing yet. We clean little guy up. Put clean sheets and blankies and pjs on and decide to take the crying little guy to bed with us. Note: Caderyn thinks Mommy and Daddys bed= playtime. He kind of starts to play and then kind of starts to fall asleep and then cries and cries and cries until he throws up again all over our sheets.  Again, clean sheets, tubby and clean pjs. Mommy and Daddy have a discussion about whether or not to take Caderyn into the ER just to make sure he's okay. We resolve that if he throws up again we'll take him. Caderyn cries pitifully on the couch to Mommy who is trying to rub his sore tummy.

Caderyn falls asleep- he doesn't puke again Hooray!
Mommy and Daddy are exhausted.

I spent the better part of this morning doing laundry that was barfed on from last night. I just got through it all now (9:51 p.m.) and am now moving on to the rest of my laundry pile.
How is it only Tuesday????

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