Thursday, August 5, 2010

A very full anniversary

Yesterday, Jeffy and I celebrated three years of marriage. See the picture above this sentence- that's proof.
It was wonderful. Our best celebration yet.
We made reservations at an Italian restaurant in town called Lucca's. It was the BEST Italian food and service I think I've ever had in the United States. NO JOKE!
I saved up my Weight Watchers points ALL day for this.

First of all, Wednesday night is their 1/2 off wine night. Your first bottle of wine is 50% off. Jeff and I got a delicious white wine called Gavi from the Palladino providor. It went down like water it was so good. We ordered the Spinach & Artichoke dip appetizer. While we were waiting they brought us our wine and a complimentary sample of creamy feta cheese spread topped with red peppers and jalapenos that had bee cooked in olive oil all served over tiny little bread bites. YUM! Our appetizer arrived and we ordered our dinner. Jeff ordered the NY Steak that came with potatoes and fresh veggies. I ordered the vegetable lasagna. Jeff and I dug into our appetizer and before we knew it, it was gone. Delicious and so fresh tasting!
The next step in the serving process when you order dinner from Lucca's is that they bring you bread with a choice of a chive butter or a special dipping sauce. This dipping sauce almost made me cry it was SO good. The owner came to chat with us and we sung praises about the sauce. He told us it was olive oil, basalmic and some vinegar with a rioccata cheese blended together at the right temperature. It has to be chilly.
By the time our dinners arrived we were already feeling like stuffed chickens. But our dinners were so good we just couldn't stop eating and eating.
Long story short, we enjoyed eating so much and talking that we lost track of time and missed our movie. Jeff and I spent the rest of the night lounging happily on our couch watching a movie. We were both just so full and happy.

Points of this rambling story:
1. Jeff and I have been married three years
2. Lucca's is the best restaurant I think I've ever eaten at and everyone should try and go!

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