Thursday, September 16, 2010

Food frenzy

Alas, since the charger for our camera has gone missing I have no picture updates.
Hopefully, this little bugger shows up soon or I'll be asking for a new camera for Christmas...a NICE one- all capital letters.

I did however, descend into a baking/cooking frenzy last night. Nothing fancy, but easy and yummy. I thought I'd share it with you all and then steal pictures from the internets to show you what they might look like.

For dinner last night I turned to my trusty ole crock pot. I put in three chicken breasts (tee hee) an 8 oz jar of salsa and 2 cans on basil, garlic and oregano seasoned tomates. Cook for 8 hrs and then you can put it on pasta, rice or make it into a burrito. Yummy!

Then, some friends of ours had an adorable little girl last week and I want to take them dinner.
So I looked up a breakfast casserole dish online at Once a Month Mom.
I really like this site. I go to it when I feel rushed to make something for dinner or want to plan ahead and make in bulk to give me a break.
So I went to this website and got this recipe and made it for them last night along with those big pretzels dipped in chocolate and lightly covered in rainbow sprinkles. I plan on taking this to them tonight since its recommended to wait a night on the casserole so everything gets good and soaked up.
THEN, tonight I'm making jambalya for dinner. Its a super easy recipe I found that doesn't call for any kind of fish or shrimp (I'm not a fish person). Jeff liked it the last time I made it so I'm making it again tonight with a few new twists.

I also have great aspirations to make some kind of sweet treat at least once a week when October rolls around. I've got caramel apple cupcakes lined up, apple cake, apple crisp- what am I going to do with all of this food that I can't eat???

I need a big kitchen to fuel these baking frenzies I have.

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