Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Big Halloween Reveal

For Halloween, Caderyn James is going to be..................................A GIRAFFE!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sometimes I Forget

On Monday, Jeff had to make a quick trip to Great Falls and he offered to take Caderyn so his parents could see their favorite grandson. I didn't put up too much of a fight, I'm super busy this week and had played the single parent role Sunday/Monday while Jeff had gone to Butte for work.
I'd forgotten what it was like to not really have a whole heck of a lot of responsibilities.

  • I got a two and a half hour massage. AMAZING. 
  • I came home and picked up a little bit- and it stayed clean. 
  • I folded laundry and let it sit on the floor for an hour before I put it away- and it stayed folded.
  • I was able to go to the bathroom without company- Caderyn refuses to let Jeff or I go potty alone.
  • I was able to take a 30 minute shower without hurrying
  • I was able to eat dinner before 8:00 p.m.
  • I was able to call my mom and talk to her without cutting her off because of something I had to do-For once I didn't have to do anything. 
  • I was able to lay on the couch for two hours and watch 30 Rock reruns without feeling guilty. 
  • I got up the next morning without feeling exhausted. 
  • I took my time getting ready and read the paper and drank my coffee without getting up once- Caderyn usually needs to be continually redirected a bazillion times throughout the oh 5-10 minutes I get to read the paper, eat breakfast and drink my coffee.
  • I made it to work on time- I was even early
Oh, how my life has changed. It's funny how some things I took for granted only two years ago are now a hot commodity in my life when they come along. I did miss my boys very much and am so glad to have them back (even if Caderyn is going through a screaming phase again- Lordy Lordy), but it was a fun little mini-vacation while it lasted.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preview: 2010 Family Photos

My dear friend Lisa Kunkel took our family photos again this year. I LOVE THEM.
Here's a preview. More to come.

Aren't you in love with my family??????? I am. I love these pictures.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reflections on a Vomitous Experience

In less than three months, Jeff will be off to basic training for 10 weeks. That's the longest we've EVER been apart. We were apart for four weeks once- not talking- when we broke up in 2004, but other than that we haven't been apart for more than a week or two at a time. Even when I was living in Missoula going to school and Jeff was working at the paper in Helena!
Part of me doesn't flinch when I think about Jeff being gone that long...that sentence sounds let me explain. Since we've been married, Jeff's been working the night shift. He works 3:30 p.m. to midnight and sometimes he can't come home for a break he's so busy. So esssentially from 3:30 pm on,  I'm on my own. On Saturdays, during football season, I have Caderyn by myself from 11:00 a.m. until sometimes one in the morning. I've gained more resepct for the single parents out there because this little boy is BUSY!
I take care of Caderyn, do activities, make dinner, clean and do the whole bedtime routine. When I think about doing this on my own, I know I can do it. I know my house will be a little bit cleaner when he's gone, the grocery bill a little less and the house VERY empty for ten weeks.
But then we had an episode like last night where Caderyn must have gagged on something and barfed up what looked like two days worth of food and drink. It just kept coming and coming. I tried to block the puke stream with my body which kind of worked. The whole front of me from my neck to my toes were covered (I have witnesses), but then it got all over the couch and carpet too. I was lucky enough to have a friend over who watched Caderyn after I stripped him and plopped him in the tub so I could change and start to cleaning up the puke. The whole time I was cleaning I just kept thinking I'm going to be alone for ten weeks, doing stuff like this all on my own. That makes me a little nervous.
I think Jeff and mine's biggest argument is helping around the house. He doesn't help all that much and I'm sure he gets super annoyed with me asking him to do stuff. But if I didn't ask, it would never get done. Sometimes I wish the work ethic I see Jeff using in his job followed him home, sure he gets paid money there for what he does, but don't you think the payment at home is so much better? Homemade dinners (which I would make more if there were less work to do around the house), love from a wife, little boy and little dog, snuggles and *cough* those other snuggles. But I digress. When Jeff does help out around the house he does a great job. He empties the trash which I hate doing. He irons which I refuse to do (that's why they have the wrinkle control on the dryer). He does the yardwork and shovels the snow. He gets up at 3:00 a.m. and changes Caderyn's diaper. He goes down into the scary "basement" under our house to get my decorations- as it is now- I'm planning on carting them all into our storage unit because I refuse to go down there alone. He remembers to let Lucy in at night when I've fallen asleep on the couch. He's my snuggle blanket and probably the reason I have no problem falling asleep. He's very cuddly and warm. He spends time with Caderyn on Sundays so I can go into work and get ahead or meet with my study group or run errands.
As I cleaned up clumps of vomit last night, these thoughts began to fill my head and I began to have my first anxiety feelings about him being gone.
I know I'll have lots of help. We have a great baby-sitter who comes 3-4 times a week so I can workout and run errands. Jeff's parents live SO close and my parents are just a quick plane flight away. We have lots of friends here in Helena and it feels SO good to say that! We're also going to be switching daycare and going into full-time care when Jeff's gone. I'm very excited about our decision to switch to an in-home care daycare and hopefully it will help Caderyn develop better social skills better and be less sick.
But I also work a very full-time job that's not very forgiving and have made the decision to go back to school- granted its only one/two classes at a time, but still...
There are errands to be run and upkeep on the house that needs to be done on a routine basis. All of the bills will have to be paid and there will be doctors visits and late, panicked calls from my work and...snow. Did I mention he'll be gone during the coldest part of the year in Montana.
Jeff's very excited about this next step in his life and I 100 percent support him and know that this will be such a good move for our family, but my heart starts to flutter just a little faster when I think about all of the responsibility that will be hefted on my shoulders.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Guessing Game Week 2 Hint #4

Caderyn's costume is a vegetarian
Caderyn's costume has a tail
Caderyn's costume is an animal
Caderyn's costume lives in Africa

Hint #5: Caderyn's costume...has a long tongue.

I'm assuming with this hint the majority of you all might guess correctly.

Revenge of the Meth Toe

It happened again. My meth toe came back to haunt me. Everything was going so swell lately, the toenail had started to grow back, I even got a pedicure and it was starting to look slightly normal.
Until...everything went to crap.
When I was in Phoenix I hit my flip-flopped foot on a generator in my parent's garage. I yelped very loudly and looked at my foot. I noticed there was a tiny chip at the top, but didn't think anything of it.
Two days later we were at the mall buying Caderyn some new shoes. I was again wearing my flip flops and walking around the store with Caderyn. Well little boy walked right over my feet and the base of his sandal caught on my toenail and ripped it. Oh yes, ripped it. It hurt so bad I had to sit down and hide my face so no one would see me cry. My dad couldn't look at it without gagging. The main reason I was sad about this though, is that I had wanted to get a pedicure all week long and now it wasn't going to happen. I was crushed. I like wearing sandals and not wearing sandals makes me sad.
So I made up my mind that I was going to get this meth toe taken care of once and for all. I made an appointment with a podiatrist. He took the majority of my nail off and if steering me down the right path to, hopefully, having a beautiful new toenail very soon.
For now, though, the METH TOE HAS RETURNED.
It's a good thing its Halloween or this would be a lot scarier.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Guessing Game Week 2 Hint #4

Hint #1: Caderyn's costume is a vegetarian
Hint #2: Caderyn's costume has a tail
Hint #3: Caderyn's costume is an animal

Caderyn's costume...generally lives in Africa.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Warriors

True to my last posts declaration of hanging low on a Saturday, we had a lovely day.
Saturday morning was spend snuggling and reading lots of stories. When Daddy woke up lots of giggles followed as Jeff took part in Caderyn's new favorite game, "Chase Me Around the Table." I have a video. It's super cute.
Mema and Papa Windmueller came in to town on their way to the Windy Vista (the cabin) and took us to the Pumpkin Patch where we picked out pumpkins and then treated us to a very yummy lunch.
From there we went home, Jeff went to work and mommy and Caderyn took an intense two and a half hour nap. Then we ran an errand, picked up Papa Murphy's pizza (cause I'm a lazy cook) and went home to snuggle on the couch and watch 30 Rock. Overall...SUCCESS!
Photo recap.
 Caderyn is clearly the victor of the race

He is growing up so fast! Caderyn James 19mos

 Playing on the slide at the pumpkin patch
 So many pumpkins to choose from
The small ones are fun to throw 
 Mema and Papa Windmueller
 Mema and Caderyn
 Mr. Pumpkin Head
 Mommy and Daddy
 Crazy hat hair

He's got a cookie. He's got a cookie. He's got a cookie, heyheyheyhey

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fate is Funny Sometimes.

I am a firm believer in "Fate."
Lots of events in my life have been set up to "happen for a reason."
I am a firm believer that the Higher Power has his/her eye on me. A good eye though...not an eye like the scary Mordor Eye from Lord of the Rings.

For example:
Yesterday, I was planning on going to Great Falls to help celebrate a friends birthday. I'd been going back and forth about the trip all week. Now that I'm a Mom, I sometimes feel very guilty when I get to have fun. After work Caderyn and I ran some errands. I went to the City Building and paid our water bill, I ran to get Caderyn a special Halloween cupcake from my favorite cafe- The Vanilla Bean- I went to the bank, and then I went to The Dollar Store. Side Note: My friend Lisa and I are planning a Halloween Party with our kiddos and friends and I was just bubbling with some crafting ideas so I checked out the dollar store to see if they had any of the supplies I needed (They did- I got TONS for only $5). End side note.
My next stop was going to be Target where I was going to look at accessories and shoes for myself. I pulled out into 5 o'clock traffic and stopped behind a truck.
We got rear-ended.
It was a pretty good hit. I'm pretty sore this morning and Caderyn has a sore looking car seat belt burn on his neck. Caderyn immediately started screaming and I looked to make sure he was okay. Then I looked back to see that the person who hit me was okay. They were. So I signled that I was going to pull over into the parking lot. Everything got taken care of and the Subaru held up beautifully. I would highly recommend this car to anyone with a family. We literally have two scratches on the bumper. That's all. Of course we'll take it in to make sure its okay, but for how hard we were hit I was so impressed with our car. I just keep thinking, "What would have happened if I was driving The Beast?" Side note: The Beast was my college car and now the car Jeff drives (until we get our mini-van). It's a Buick Skylark that my Great-Aunt Muriel generously gave to me. It is well-loved and well-used.  End side note.

So the fender bender we were in yesterday ultimately put the kabosh on me going to Great Falls. But I was okay with that. All the way home after I left the scene of the wreck I kept thinking, "This happened for a reason."
Maybe I wasn't meant to go to Great Falls. Maybe this was the Big Guy Upstairs' way of telling me that something larger-scale could have happened and this was just His way of looking out for me. Like, maybe there would have been a bigger wreck with far worse consequences than a sore back or maybe something terrible would have happened while going out with friends. Who knows? But whatever it was, I know someone up there is looking out for my family and I.

Fate is funny sometimes. If I hadn't been at that exact Kaimin party in 2004, I probably never would have met my future husband, wouldn't have gotten married in August 2007, gotten a job in Helena or had my sweet little boy. I'm amazed at the string of events that could have so easily been thrown off in a single instant.
We're hanging low today. My in-laws are coming in to town for a bit and we're going to get our pumpkins today from the Pumpkin Patch. We're going to give Fate a little bit of a break and try to be really predictable and boring. But you know what wasn't boring??? Halloween 2006. No. That was pretty fun! Steve Urkel and the Firewoman saved the day. You're welcome Danny.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Guessing Game Week 1 Hint #3

It's a triple post kind of a day.

Do you have any ideas what Caderyn is going to be for Halloween?
Here's another hint to steer your toward the right answer.

Hint #1: Caderyn's costume is...a vegetarian
Hint #2: Caderyn's costume has...a tail

HINT #3: Caderyn's an animal

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny

Today is my sister-in-law (Jeff's sister) Jenny's BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday my dear! We hope you have a wonderful day and maybe (HINT) we'll see you around Thanksgiving?

(Aunt Jenny and brand new baby Caderyn in 2009)

Aunt Jenny is the best because:
  • She is a FABULOUS accountant and helps us with our taxes each year.
  • She loves to go out and go dancing.
  • She is great with kiddos- especially her favorite nephew.
  • She is engaged. Wooooo!
  • She loves to shop (which is great because I do too!)
  • She has an amazing laugh that is contagious.

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny! We love you!

Photo Montag of Caderyn and Mommy's Trip to Phoenix

We just got back from spending some time with my parents in Phoenix. Caderyn got a haircut, played lots of trucks, went swimming, watched airplanes and got spoiled rotten by Mimi and Papa. Mommy got to sleep in almost every day (until 10 a.m. one day!) eat at such great and amazing food places like Hot Bagels, In N Out Burger, Sugardaddy Cupcakes and Bucca Di Beppo and do a little shopping.  It was great fun! Here are some pictures from the camera that has been offline since July. Yay!

Mr. Truck Man. This boy loves his trucks SO much.
Swimming in October! Who would have thought? 

Splish Splash with Mimi
Mimi read to Caderyn every day. So did Papa, but I don't have any pictures of him.

 Someone got a new winter hat. He also got an ear infection while we were there- hence the comfort binkie.

Not ready to go home yet.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Guessing Game Week 1 Hint #2

Caderyn's costume is a vegetarian
Caderyn's costume has.............a TAIL.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Guessing Game Week #1

We are back from Phoenix and FINALLY I have some pictures to follow later.

But for now until Halloween we're going to play a guessing game!!!!!
You're going to guess what Caderyn is going to be for Halloween. The first one to guess gets a prize. Maybe. We'll see what I can do!

CLUE #1 FOR WEEK #1 Caderyn's a vegetarian.

Ooooh how suspenseful!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Change is in the Air

With the coming of Fall in Montana, there also some big changes arriving in the Windmueller Family.
No Mom. I'm not pregnant. Not even thinking about it for at least a year. Ask me again in June 2011.

The main change arriving in our household is a new job. Jeff is resigning his post as sports editor sometime after football season (so, like, December-ish) and pursuing a lifelong desire of joining the military. Yes. The military. Jeff is joining the National Guard. He's going to try and join full-time.
Now, let me explain. Since I have known  Jeff (circa 2004) he has always expressed a desire to be a part of the military. Both of Jeff's parents were in the military. In high school, he was offered an ROTC Scholarship with the Air Force. He turned it down because he wanted to get his college degree first. When he graduated Jeff decided he was going to join the Marines. It was a stressful two months before our wedding because that would have been a very HUGE decision for us as newlyweds, but eventually Jeff opted out of it and focused his attention on being one of the best sports reporters Helena had ever seen. Now, three years later, Jeff is frustrated. He's become burnt out on writing and the politics of being an editor. He doesn't love his job anymore. As a wife, it's been very hard for me to watch this and try to boost his confidence. At times I've felt like I've been running into a brick wall over and over and over. After applying for two jobs Jeff really wanted, interviewing and then being turned down, he started talking more and more to me and the friends he has that are in the National Guard about joining.
I also applied for some jobs with Jeff, thinking that if he got either of these two jobs it would probably be a good idea for me to have at least started the job search process. I got interviewed and was offered one of the jobs I applied for. This really set Jeff in to motion when we were sitting down going over the financials.
This isn't something we have just jumped into. We've actually been talking about it for three years and started to come to the realization that this would be a good path for us.
It will be hard. Jeff needs to lose 20 pounds before January. He's been doing great working out every day and eating healthy. He ships out for basic training in January and will be gone for 8-12 weeks. I will be a single parent at that time. When Jeff comes back from Basic, he'll start taking Officer Training classes. This means he'll go every weekend for six months or one weekend every month for a year. During this time, Jeff isn't guaranteed to have a full-time job with the Guard so he's actively been talking to his current editor at the paper about a position and he's been talking to the Guard reps about possibly lining something up. Once he's done with Officer Training. There is a good chance that they would send him to Texas for a year- this would mean we would move. But then, at that point, he would be fully trained in the field of his choosing and could get a full-time job immediately- more than likely in Helena.

Since Jeff and I have known each other and been married we have expressed a desire to STAY in Montana. We love it. We have family here and its beautiful. Jeff feels that in joining the military, he will ensure that we can stay in Montana. He also is excited about the prospect of being able to move- if we wanted to, like to Arizona- and having a great chance of getting a job. In joining, he will be getting a substantial pay increase and such excellent benefits that we'll all go on the family plan. We get housing, daycare and grocery assistance while Jeff is in basic training. If we move to Texas for his continued training, we get free housing. He has the opportunity to get his Masters Degree and even PhD for free and much more.
There is always the chance that Jeff would have to go and serve his country overseas somewhere. Though that may come, and though it will be very hard and scary for us I know we have a great family and friend support system to help both of us out. Plus, wouldn't it be cool if Jeff and i could meet in Paris for a long- weekend. Can we say Romantic with a capital R. Hey, it could happen.
So there you go. That's the main change going on in our lives right now. Have I knocked anyone's socks off?

Change #2: We are saving up to buy/build a house
With Jeff going this new job route, we decided it was time to actively start saving up for a house. Of course, the benefit is that we have a whole year to a year and half or more to save. But, on the down end, we have a whole year or year and a half to wait before we can buy a house.
We recently restructured our budget and are excited with how much money we'll be putting in
 savings each month.

Change #3: Helena is probably permanent
That's why Jeffy is joining. We like Montana. We like Helena (more and more each year).

Change #4: No baby for at least a year
If you'd asked me a year ago if we were going to have another kiddo in the future I would have said "Absolutely!" and if this plan had stuck through I would actually (if everything had gone as planned) have been pregnant today possibly expecting in May. With the new job situation, we've put our family plans on hold for at least a year so that we can make sure the route we are going is more stable than it currently is. I don't want to have to haul two kids across country. It's much easier with one.

So there you have it. Come December and January our little family is going to start down a very different path. We're excited about the change and hoping only for the best. Wish us luck!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The MommyDaddy Song

My son has discovered his voice.
Not the talk in complete sentences voice- he can really only say "Mommy" "Daddy" and "lawnmower." But the sing at the top of your lungs, then softly, then screaming song voice.
I love it.
It cracks me up.

Caderyn has recently made up his own song that he has been singing every morning this past week.
We call it the "MommyDaddy" song (no typo in my typing there).
Those are the only words in the song and he usually starts it off with "Mommeeeeee.   Daddeeeee." At a regular tune with the 'e' sound at the end drawn own. Then he goes up into a soprano of "MommyDaddyMommyDaddyMommyDaddy" for about a minute. Then he giggles to himself before screaming at the top of his lungs "MOMMEEE. DADDEEE. MOMMEEEEEEE/DADDEEEE."
Then he giggles again and starts the song all over.

Jeff and I laid in bed for twenty minutes yesterday just laughing while we listened to him sing through the monitor. I will try and capture our songbird in action and post a video.

Kicking it in the PHX

Just as the title of this blog implies, I'm going to be kicking it in the PHX this coming weekend.
For those of you not down with my sweet slang talk, the PHX stands for Phoenix.

Caderyn and I fly to Phoenix on Thursday morning through Tuesday night and I am oh so very excited. Oh, so very excited.

You can't see me right now but I'm smiling.

Also- I ordered a new camera charger. We should have pictures up ASAP.

Friday, October 1, 2010

With a Heavy Heart....

It is in this post, my heart feeling so very sad and broken, that I must officially announce the death of my sunglasses.

My dear, sweet Chanel (yes, Chanel) sunglasses came to me in the form of a honeymoon gift from my sweet Jeffy. We were in Maui enjoying our last sunset before heading back to Montana when we stopped into a little sunglass shop to look around. I tried a few pairs of sunglasses on and then my eyes rested on the reddish-brown Chanel sunglasses with gold CC's. I was in love. Jeffy haggled down to a price he liked and then bought them for me.
This is by far the longest amount of time I've ever had a pair of sunglasses. Or the most money I've ever spent on a pair. Usually, before this pair, mine would only last a couple of months before I lost them or broke them.
But not this pair. I held on to this pair so tightly that for three years I was never without them.
Until recently. I have no idea what I did with them. I had them one day and then they were gone the next. I am so sad and frustrated.
So, dear, sweet Chanel sunglasses. I miss you and will always cherish you (however, if I find you I will celebrate).
Now, Jeffybear.
For Christmas all I want is a new pair of sunglasses (P.S. I would suggest waiting until we get to Phoenix to go shopping for these if that is what you decide to get me). I promise I will take good care of whatever you get me (please be sunglasses, please be sunglasses).
Here are some suggestions- although I wouldn't be opposed to getting an exact pair of the same sunglasses that went missing. I do love those so much.

These are all Chanel and a fairly reasonable price based on what we paid for my last ones. It's all I want for Christmas!