Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fate is Funny Sometimes.

I am a firm believer in "Fate."
Lots of events in my life have been set up to "happen for a reason."
I am a firm believer that the Higher Power has his/her eye on me. A good eye though...not an eye like the scary Mordor Eye from Lord of the Rings.

For example:
Yesterday, I was planning on going to Great Falls to help celebrate a friends birthday. I'd been going back and forth about the trip all week. Now that I'm a Mom, I sometimes feel very guilty when I get to have fun. After work Caderyn and I ran some errands. I went to the City Building and paid our water bill, I ran to get Caderyn a special Halloween cupcake from my favorite cafe- The Vanilla Bean- I went to the bank, and then I went to The Dollar Store. Side Note: My friend Lisa and I are planning a Halloween Party with our kiddos and friends and I was just bubbling with some crafting ideas so I checked out the dollar store to see if they had any of the supplies I needed (They did- I got TONS for only $5). End side note.
My next stop was going to be Target where I was going to look at accessories and shoes for myself. I pulled out into 5 o'clock traffic and stopped behind a truck.
We got rear-ended.
It was a pretty good hit. I'm pretty sore this morning and Caderyn has a sore looking car seat belt burn on his neck. Caderyn immediately started screaming and I looked to make sure he was okay. Then I looked back to see that the person who hit me was okay. They were. So I signled that I was going to pull over into the parking lot. Everything got taken care of and the Subaru held up beautifully. I would highly recommend this car to anyone with a family. We literally have two scratches on the bumper. That's all. Of course we'll take it in to make sure its okay, but for how hard we were hit I was so impressed with our car. I just keep thinking, "What would have happened if I was driving The Beast?" Side note: The Beast was my college car and now the car Jeff drives (until we get our mini-van). It's a Buick Skylark that my Great-Aunt Muriel generously gave to me. It is well-loved and well-used.  End side note.

So the fender bender we were in yesterday ultimately put the kabosh on me going to Great Falls. But I was okay with that. All the way home after I left the scene of the wreck I kept thinking, "This happened for a reason."
Maybe I wasn't meant to go to Great Falls. Maybe this was the Big Guy Upstairs' way of telling me that something larger-scale could have happened and this was just His way of looking out for me. Like, maybe there would have been a bigger wreck with far worse consequences than a sore back or maybe something terrible would have happened while going out with friends. Who knows? But whatever it was, I know someone up there is looking out for my family and I.

Fate is funny sometimes. If I hadn't been at that exact Kaimin party in 2004, I probably never would have met my future husband, wouldn't have gotten married in August 2007, gotten a job in Helena or had my sweet little boy. I'm amazed at the string of events that could have so easily been thrown off in a single instant.
We're hanging low today. My in-laws are coming in to town for a bit and we're going to get our pumpkins today from the Pumpkin Patch. We're going to give Fate a little bit of a break and try to be really predictable and boring. But you know what wasn't boring??? Halloween 2006. No. That was pretty fun! Steve Urkel and the Firewoman saved the day. You're welcome Danny.


Jillian said...

Here's another fate is funny lol! I just started following your blog a few days ago because I found you and thought, cool another MT mama. But as I was reading this post, I came upon the photo of you and Danny... Um, I know Danny Davis lol! He is the older brother of my good childhood friend Alyssa Davis. I have memories of camping in their backyard in a tent, and having Danny come home from work or whatever and he'd scare the cr@p out of us! :) That is just crazy lol... We have more in common than we thought. :)

Sarah said...

Holy Smokes! Small world. I haven't seen Danny since January 2008 but I heart him so much!

Danny said...

i still dress like that... and i still scare kids in tents.