Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankfully Merry and Bright with Some Pumpkin Pie on the Side

I'm torn about decorations.
I love them SO much. I am a decoration hoarder. I have crates and crates of decorations. Each holiday has at least one crate or, if its a bigger holiday, like Christmas maybe 5-10 crates. Not joking.
I do go through my decorations every year as I put them up and try to re-organize what I really use and what should just go in the garage sale pile. For example, this year, I put a pumpkin stand in the garage sale pile. Go me (of course I bought pumpkin lights and a Frankenstein yard decoration so that really defeated the purpose of getting rid of that stand).
I don't have many Thanksgiving decorations, but what I do have I love. I have this cute little window turkey with floppy legs and some pumpkins that carried over from Halloween.
I must ask this- how soon is too soon to put Christmas decorations up? I love my Turkey day decorations, but I have so many Christmas decorations that I'm starting to sweat a little just thinking of all the fun work it will be to put everything up.
I've brought a few things up from our demonic looking basement (because that's what it looks like and I won't go down there alone unless Jeff's home) but it looks weird to have a Santa decoration next to a turkey. The colors clash horribly and I feel like I'm robbing my Thanksgiving decorations of their special day. Good lord, did I just say that? Yep, I did.
For now, I've resolve to wait until next Tuesday (don't ask me why I chose Tuesday) to start putting up my Christmas decorations. I still feel like that's too early, but oh well.

Today I am thankful for pretty decorations that help make the holidays feel special. I always had so much fun helping my mom and grandparents decorate when I was growing up that I get all giddy inside thinking of how much fun I want decorating to be for my children.

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