Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankfully Thankful for being Imaginative

About a week and a half ago I decided that I needed to spend more time with Caderyn. 
Usually I rush away from work at 4:00 p.m., rush to daycare to pick him up, rush home; rush him inside; start rushing to make dinner etc. etc. That's a whole lotta rushing! I've decided that dinner can usually wait and so can cleaning. My time now is dedicated to playing with Caderyn when we first get home. We snuggle, we read books, we play with his trucks, we color....kind of... not... because he just likes throwing the crayons. 

Side note: Yesterday all he wanted to do was sit on my lap with his blanket and watch me throw Lucy's toys for her. It was so sweet and I finally realized that he does need me. 

So last week, we came home and started playing trucks. For those of you that haven't been around my son before should know that my boy loves all things that have to do with trucks, boats or airplanes. LOVES THEM. Caderyn can spot an airplane in the sky before any of us because he looks for the speed tracks from jets or he must always constantly be listening because he points immediately and, sure enough, there's a plane. 
So there we were playing trucks. I grabbed a stuffed panda toy for him and told him, "Caderyn, this is the doctor."
We proceeded to play rescue with his big fire truck  We would put a truck somewhere on a chair or the couch or a window ledge and I would pretend to make a "hurt truck" voice. I'd say, "Oh no Caderyn, that truck has a hurt tire/motor/windshield wiper etc. lets go rescue it. We'd put Doctor Panda in the back of the fire truck and make siren noises until we had driven the fire truck over to the hurt truck. You following?
Then, Doctor Panda would get out and "fix" the hurt truck and the fire truck would take the hurt truck to the "hospital" aka Caderyn's toy bins. 
Got it? Caderyn sure did. It's the only thing he plays now besides lining his trucks up perfectly- picture coming later tonight.
I was making dinner yesterday and listening to Caderyn jabber. All I heard was him going "Ooooh noooo." It only took the second "Oh no" for me to look and there was my little boy, playing rescue by himself. He would take a smaller truck and put it on the windowsill and then put Doctor Panda in his fire truck and go "Ooooh Nooo" and vroom over to the truck. Doctor Panda would come out, Caderyn would pretend to fix the truck and then that said "hurt" truck would be loaded into the fire truck and vroomed back to the "hospital" aka Caderyn's toy bins. 

It warmed my heart and might have made me just a tiny bit emotional to know that my son enjoyed the special times he got to play with me. It also made me really excited to think he was starting to create and imagine all on his own.
I'm thankful for imaginations- especially mine- because I'm pretty sure I passed it on to my son.


Unknown said...

This is the best story. I so wish I could spend more time with you all because I miss you all so much. It warms my heart to know that you love him and care for him so much. I love you and miss you all!

LisaKunkelPhotography said...

Oh Sarah, this story is just precious. LOVE IT!!