Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankfully Thankful

My son is just the best.
Some days are a struggle to establish the rules (he likes to think he's in control) or to get anything accomplished, but, for the most part, my kid is pretty stellar.

Here are some Top Ten Reasons Why My Son is the Best

1. He can shake his money maker. He loves to dance to music and I love to watch him dance to music.
2. He can make animal sounds sound sooooo cute. Like "Mooo" or "Baaaa"
3. He LOVES to read. On average we read at least 5-10 books a day and he follows along. He laughs at clowns or funny sayings and he points out what he recognizes. Right now he's really into Dr. Seuss. I think it's because he likes the way my voice sounds when it rhymes.
4. He LOVES trucks and cars and airplanes and boats....etc. etc. Did I mention that I had a little boy?
5. He is usually just so happy to see his mommy or daddy or anyone he knows.
6. Like his mommy was when she was little, this little guy has a special blankie he can't sleep without. He drags the soft, silky corners of it across his face when he's tired or upset as a comfort. I LOVE IT.
7.He makes footie pajamas look SO stylish.
8. He gives kisses to everyone.
9. He's a goofball. Thank Heavens!
10. That boy can pass wind just as loud as his father. I think that's a pretty huge deal coming from a little boy.

Today and everyday I am thankful for my beautiful son, Caderyn.

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