Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trying to Catch Our Breath

Ever since Caderyn contracted RSV at 5 weeks old, his little lungs just can't keep up with the big germs that hit his body.
Since June, Caderyn has been to the doctor 10 times, each for breathing difficulty and double ear infections. He usually gets put on a nebulizer and given antibiotics (Did I mention I'm thankful for doctors).
Caderyn's had a cough since Monday and I've been watching him like a hawk. He's been in a fabulous mood all week and has been eating like a horse so we waited until today to take him in. He's honestly seemed great aside from an icky cough and runny nose. Last night I noticed the skin around his ribs pulling just a little bit more than usual when he breathed so I put my ear up to his chest- sure enough, I heard wheezing.
Dang it.
He went to sleep without a problem, but coughed a little more than usual through the night. He slept in and when he woke up he was still coughing, so, listening to my "mother's instincts" I made the call to the doctors office.
They tested his oxygen levels- as always. And, as always, they were low. Oxygen levels should be running at 100 percent. Caderyn's were at 94. When he had RSV they were at 88 percent. So they were low. The doctor listened to his chest and heard the wheezing. She looked through his past visit records and told me she thought that Caderyn had been in enough recently to determine that he had asthma. She also was able to see that Caderyn had a double ear infection and a throat infection.
So now, we have to go back on Friday and go through an informational session about asthma and they're going to run some more tests. This means we'll have to give Caderyn a nebulizer treatment at least once a day during the winter to prevent further breathing problems. I'm so frustrated and feel like perhaps this is my fault? Is it because I didn't breast feed long enough? I had to quit, I got the flu and was knocked out for a week when Caderyn was 7 months old. My milk just dried up. Is it because he's at daycare? No, hundreds of kids go to daycare in this town and they all share the same germs. Jeff couldn't manage working nights and then taking care of Caderyn during the day as well, so it was a necessary move we had to make. I wash Caderyn's hands as soon as we leave daycare, I bundle him up when we go outside, he is bathed at least once a day. Our house is drafty because its old, but we keep the heat on and always make sure Caderyn is bundled.
I hate that my child might be asthmatic and dread the idea of this impacting his being active.
Caderyn just woke up from his nap now and is hacking, so I'd best run and grab him. Keep our little guy in your thoughts and also Jeff's cousin. Her little boy is also struggling.

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Jess said...

Sometimes cruddy things happen to good kids and their parents. Working in the hospital in Great Falls I see it a lot and sometimes there is never an answer that seems just. I'm sorry your poor little man has to go through this. But kiddies are resilient and he'll grow with it, maybe it will even resolve its self. From following you on FB (I swear I’m not a creeper!) to reading parts of your blog you are a spectacular mother Sarah!