Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

In review of 2010, I will conclude that it was a good year.
We all turned a little older- maybe a little wiser. I got a raise at work (woo!) and lost yet more of that baby weight.
Jeff worked his butt off and decided to make a career change.
Caderyn turned one, learned to run (not walk) and has started talking like a madman.

Here's my month by month review of 2010"
January: My parents were here for Christmas and New Years. We also celebrated the holidays with my in-laws.
February: Caderyn started walking and I took a girls trip to Boise. Oh fun!
March: My birthday and Caderyn's birthday were a blast!
April: Trip to Phoenix for Easter
May: I find out I get a raise and my summer workload starts in full-force- but Taylor came to work for me!
June: My parents arrive, Taylor is here and I am working working working!
July: One week vacation to the Painted Rock cabin was heaven and then back to work!
August: My parents had to leave- sad. Jeff and I celebrate 3 years of marriage. Wow.
September: Stunk like no other because we were sick all month and had flies and mice in our house. Jeff annouced he would be resigning as sports editor in January. My grandpa was in the hospital.
October: Better, but not great. We found out Caderyn has asthma. We spent Halloween with Jeff's parents and Caderyn was a giraffe. My grandpa got out of the hospital.
November: Busy month! Spent Thanksgiving with the Windmueller Family. Lots of football coverage for Jeff.
December: Jeff went to Georgia for the Carroll College Championship. I worked and then left to spend time with my parents. Christmas in Arizona and we're still here!!!!

2011 will be a very different year for us.
Jeff is embarking on a new journey and a new job and we don't really know what the future holds for us (this last part just makes me all grumpy and nervous).
I am continuing with my job and working on my teaching degree- one class at a time. That's the best I can do.
Who knows what 2011 holds for the Windmueller family- only time and your continued reading will tell!
As for a New Year's Resolution: I am going to lose this baby weight DANG IT. It's going to be gone- all of it. I'm setting a goal for April. I'm pretty sure I can have it off before then, but I just want to give myself a realistic goal.
I also want to save more money and spend more time with my Bub.

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