Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Conclusion

For Christmas, my parents got all of us a cooking class with the amazing Maribeth. If you live in the Phoenix area or are planning a trip there soon and need something wonderful to do, I would highly suggest contacting her (information at the end of the post).
Maribeth offers fabulous cooking classes out of the kitchen of her beautiful home. You get to choose your meal genre, ours was Mexican. You arrive at her lovely home, crack open a beer or a bottle of wine and begin your fun and relaxing evening. Each of us was assigned to a station.
My dad was assigned to the main course- steak fajitas
My brother was assigned to the appetizer- tortilla soup
My mom was assigned to the salad- yummy homemade dressing with lots of yummy veggies
Jeffy was assigned to the salsa and guacamole
I was assigned the dessert- a mexican flan cake.  

Maribeth has all of the ingredients out and ready to go for you at each station along with insutructions on what to do. We all dove right in. Maribeth goes around and answers questions and explains why things are the way they are- like why you actually have to put tortilla's in the tortilla soup: it thickens the soup. Did you know that? I sure as heck did not.
My mom at her station
Me at my station
The infamous cake. Read on to find out more information about this blasted cake.
Taylor at his station
Jeffy at his station. As you can see we got some pretty sweet aprons to wear.
Cooking the whole meal together took about 45 minutes to an hour and the end result was SO SO SO delicious. The only bummer was my cake. In my excitement at baking and being with my family I forgot to put in the baking power. I put in baking soda, but not the powder. The result was a pudding-like cake that still tasted pretty darn good. I'm actually going to make that cake again soon just to PROVE to myself and to Maribeth that I can do it right. :)
My parents devouring Jeff's Guac. It was yummy!
Taylor getting ready to serve his dish.
Enjoying our first course
So full at the end of the night.
It was a blast and Maribeth was a patient instruction and gracious hostess. If you're interested in contacting her, here's her website with information. 
Contact her contact her contact her!

Okay now for something fun. If you've read down this far then I'm assuming you like my blog. Thank you. Earlier I mentioned that we all got to wear some pretty swanky looking aprons at this class. My dad got the swankiest one of all. The only problem is that its a Rated R apron. In order for me to show a picture of it I need at least SEVEN people to post that they want to see it and would be okay with it. If not, then that's okay. You loss. :) Cheers!

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