Friday, January 7, 2011

Loving Christmas With Mimi and Papa. Christmas in Phoenix Take 2

Caderyn James loves his grandparents. All four of them. He is very lucky to have two gwonderful Papas and a wonderful Mimi and Mema.
While in Phoenix, Caderyn was the focus of ALL attention.
He slept on my parents floor and snuggled with them in bed every morning. Mimi made him pancakes every day and took him on at least two walks. Papa took Caderyn on bike rides and played lots and lots of trucks and trains. Whatever that boy wanted he got. Spoiled with a capital S.

Mimi with her little elf.

Before Caderyn arrived, Papa went out and bought a special train set that he intends to keep and then bring out every time Caderyn is here. Caderyn absolutely loved it and I think my dad really did too.

Binkie Boy watching the train before bedtime.

Patient Papa

Watching the train scoot around the tracks. That thing actually went really fast!

Here it comes

Wow! And there it goes

I love this picture of how deep in concentration/amazement Caderyn is. I also love how his little belly is just sticking out.

More tomorrow!

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