Sunday, January 30, 2011


Can I just rant for a minute, here?
So lately when I watch TV or read something I notice a story about Charlie Sheen and his downward spiral. I. don' But, obviously if I'm writing about this topic, I must care a little.
I don't care about him. I care about how this man can have everything and throw his life at such crap. Drugs and prostitutes. If he has so much money he's bored, could he please share some of that with me or with the people and places who need it the most right now. He's disgusting. He's got four plus little kids. Give them the money. Give the money to charity for pete's sake.
He's a poor excuse for a man and he's not even that great of an actor. I think I could go head to head with him. He's just some stupid schmuck who's been born into priviledge, never had to work an honest job a day in his life or answer to any responsibility.
Disgusting. I could do so much with what he has.
I think first and foremost though, he needs to make sure his kids and baby mommas are taken care of. Then maybe he should put himself away forever and ever.

Ok done ranting.
New post to come soon.

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