Thursday, January 6, 2011


Caderyn got up early this morning. I Mombied into his room, changed his diaper, smooched his cheeks, gave him a sip of milk and tried to put him back to sleep. No dice. He screamed.
I wasn't ready to get up- it was that early. So I carried him into our bed and situated the Bub right between Jeff and myself. Jeff was snoring louder than a dumb truck driving by a nitroglycerin plant (who gets that reference?) so he didn't really notice. Caderyn lay on his back with his two special blankies that he is rarely without and I was turned toward him. I gently rubbed his tummy and he rubbed the ends of his blankies across my nose. This is something Caderyn does for comfort. He rubs his blankie corners on his nose or around his face when he's upset or tired. He also does it to people that he loves.
As the four of us snuggled together on our bed (Lucy was there too) and I watched Caderyn's heavy eyes drop shut I was filled with such an overwhelming sense of peace and love. Soft light from the approaching morning was starting to peek through our windows and our bed felt like the most comfortable and safe place to be in the whole wide world.
Change is coming very quickly to our household and I wanted nothing more than all four of us snuggling in bed forever. Permanently in that dreamlike state. 
Change is something that happens every day in our household, but bigger changes are coming up all too quickly. Change happened too quickly this morning too when Caderyn finally decided to wake up. He elbowed me in the nose, crawled over me (making sure to jab me all the right areas) and was soon off and running. Jeff didn't budge much.
He was too busy snoring.
A little boy who is growing up way to fast.

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