Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New Spin On Romance

As of today, my husband has officially been gone 4 weeks (only 6 more to go!). Has it really been four weeks--it honestly just feels like a blur.
Four weeks have gone by with no e-mails and only one phone conversation.
But, there have been dozens and dozens of letters.
I like writing letters. I like getting letters in the mail.
I have found that with each new letter I write and send out my heart just about bursts with love and excitement. I imagine Jeff's own excitement when he gets the letter and how he'll react to some of the words I write.
My heart skips three beats when I check the mail and see that there's one or two letters from Jeff. I love the way he writes to me. He's so romantic. I'm not a romantic writer. I like being funny.
If someone asked me to write a romance novel, I don't think it would be a romance, I think it would end up a comedy. I would drip the romance scenes with sarcasm.
For example:

     Raoul wanted Fifi like nothing else he'd ever wanted before. Even after only knowing her for twenty hours, he knew this was love. He glowered mysteriously at Fifi from the behind the shadows of the tall decorative fern in the room and ogled as she flipped her perfectly perky haircut and adjusted her perfectly perky bosom. Fifi had not yet met Raoul, but she felt the heat of his gaze and a desire of her own that she'd never felt before. "I have to go to the bathroom," she said. And wobbled out of the room on her 5 foot platform heels.

Ta-dah! Please, call my agents for book deals.

My viewpoint is that while romance is important in a relationship, I feel that comedy is the ultimate key.
For without laughter where is happiness and without happiness, where is romance?
When I first met Jeff, the first thing I remember besides his gloriously silky smooth hair was how quickly he made me laugh. He met my sarcasm with his own and it fit perfectly.

So while my husband can write me some pretty romantic letters during this period of separation we're going through, he also knows to mix in some verbage that makes me laugh. I've caught myself at least 10 times laughing out loud over something he's written.
And while my letters to him aren't as steamy and dreamy as I'd hope, I know they'll make him laugh.
I love writing him letters and I love getting his letters in the mail. It creates a new form of romance when you take away the computers and the phones and face to face conversation. I feel like Princess Victoria writing to her love Albert before they were wed (yes, I've watched The Young Victoria enough that I will now reference it with a comparison of my own self).
Some people might feel a missed connection when their partner isn't around, but with the letter writing of my sweet Jeffy and myself, I truly believe our relationship is growing and evolving into something more loving than it was before.
I encourage everyone to write their loved one a letter. Put your thoughts and feelings into words.
Because really, words are good. Oh snap! Did I just make a reference to the title of my blog. I did.
You love it.
Here's a steamy photo for my loveydove. Smoldering, isn't it?

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