Thursday, February 3, 2011

Watch Out Ladies!

I just haven't found the motivation, time or desire to write lately. I'm sorry. I'm lonely.

But- I just couldn't pass this up.
Yesterday we had our friends Lisa and Addie over for a little play date. Caderyn is still learning the whole "sharing" thing. I think that one will be a long road.
But, both the kiddos were playing in the living room when all of the sudden Caderyn smacks Addie on the butt. Not a mean or frustrated hit- it was more like a LOVE tap. The walked away with this smug little look on his face.
Lisa and I both burst out laughing.

Parents with daughters, watch out. My son is on the prowl. *Insert sexy growl here*

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LisaKunkelPhotography said...

Yes this really happened and it was HILARIOUS ! ! ! The look on Caderyn's face was just priceless too.