Thursday, March 31, 2011

From People to Family Circle: A Complete Magazine Upheaval

In college, I used to spend at least $50 each month on those smutty gossip magazines like People, Star or InStyle. I know, I know. I loved me some scandal. I can't believe I spent that much on those things!
Now, I maybe, once in a blue moon will splurge on a People. Usually around the Golden Globes or Academy Awards just so I can admire the pretty dresses.
But that's it.
I still read them. My gym gets them for free. I love that about my gym. Nothing says a good workout like 20 minutes on the elliptical and last week's People magazine about Charlie Freaking Sheen.

I find that my tastes in magazines has...matured. If that's the right word to use.
Now, I'm in love with Family Circle.
Not only does Family Circle tempt me with covers like this with delectable desserts or beautiful flower bouquets and decorations, but they truly convince my mind that, "Hey! If this is on the cover of a magazine I can do it too!"
Most times I can't. Although I did get some cute Halloween ideas from them. I also made some of their Christmas cookies and have dog-eared pages and pages of decorating ideas for when I get my dream house. Hey, a girl can dream.
But seriously, they have some sweet recipes, decorating ideas that aren't astronomically expensive or difficult and some genuinely good advice. They even give style advice that doesn't blow my life savings, like Vogue, I sooooo wanted that Chanel handbag.
Some people might be appalled at my interest in this magazine, they might say I'm getting old. I'm not. I'm only 26. So boo to you. They might say its because I'm a wife or a mother. True, but some of the articles in this magazine aren't PG- more like PG 13. Scandal!
I love it. Come over to my house and I'll show you my collection of Family Circles...and then you can help me clean.

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