Monday, March 7, 2011

The Greatness that is Caderyn's Great-Grandparents

Caderyn is very lucky. He has three sets of Great-Grandparents.
And they love him so very much. And he loves them.
In the past three weeks, he has gotten to spend lots of time with both sets of my grandparents in Montana. I consider this time with them so so so very special. They make him laugh (and vice versa), they play trucks with him and are amazed at his obsession with all things that move, they give him special treats and special snuggles. What a special boy. He has not yet met his Great-Grandparents that live in California, but they send him sweet little letters and cards in the mail to let them know they are thinking of him.
What a special life my little boy is growing up in. Such enrichment and love.
Pattycake with Great-Grandpa M

The royal treatment at Great-Grandma and Grandpa S's

Look at how little Caderyn is!

Enjoying the start of Fall with Great Grandma and Grandpa M

5 week snuggles with Great Grandma M

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