Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Letter to Spring

Dear Spring:
     I really wish you would stop teasing me and just come to Montana in full force. I'm tired of wearing my winter coat. I'm tired of the snow and the gray clouds.
     I have these super cute shoes that really need to be broken in. I want to wear them almost as badly as I want to see the suns golden rays.
     Also, my pasty white legs really need some tender lovin' care. They practically glow in the dark.

K, thanks, bye


Jillian said...

I agree! I hate how February and March, Montana is always teasing us with nice weather, only to quickly take it away and replace it with a snowstorm. Ugh! The weather better be nice in Billings April 23!! That's my wedding day! :)

Sarah said...

Well HEY! Congrats on the wedding. I will send good weather thoughts your way!

On a more positive note about this yucky, teasing me with spring and then taking it away weather- I still don't have to shave my legs every day.

Too much info?