Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reflections From a Toddler Mom

In just two short days my little boy will be two. No longer will he be little. He will be a full-blown toddler.
It's crazy.
I keep thinking about what my life was this time two years ago. I remember not sleeping, being very uncomfortable and ready to meet Mr. Man.
Do we all need a reminder of just how PREGNANT I was. You do? Oh, okay. Here.
Very. very, very pregnant.
I remember my labor, I vaguely remember my delivery. I remeber what it felt like when they finally put him in my arms. I remember bringing him home and being in the new parent daze. I remember just looking and looking at him in amazement. I remember forgetting to eat and how much he wanted to eat. I remember his first smile, his first laugh, his first steps, his first big personality burst.
I love this little boy.
I still look at this picture and see how, even today, he still looks a little the same.
Here are some fun facts about my almost TWO YEAR OLD!!
1. We chose the name Caderyn for two reasons- 1. It's Welsh (and so am I) and 2. Caderyn literally means "battle ruler" and Jeff couldn't pass that one up.
2. Caderyn's hair grows super fast just like his mommy's, but he is almost an exact carbon copy of his daddy.
3. Caderyn has never been much of a snuggler. He's a hot sleeper so taht sometimes makes snuggling difficult.
4. Caderyn loves to be read to.
5. Caderyn is starting to try and sing along with mommy, books and movies.
6. When Caderyn was 5 weeks old he put us through the ringer by contracting RSV and ended up staying in the hospital a whole week until his oxygen levels increased and he didn't turn blue when he was sleeping.
7. Caderyn hates to have dirty hands
8. Caderyn loves bath time
9. Caderyn won't eat veggies unless they are in baby food form. We have tried and tried and tried.
10. Caderyn could eat raspberries until his hair turned red!

My little toddler.

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Allison Barry said...

What a beautiful boy he is, Sarah. I can tell how much you love him by your comments about him!