Friday, March 18, 2011

Thinking Thin

I find that I'm very candid when I talk about my weight.
Always the touchy subject, I'm not one to hide in the dark when I talk about my food relationships and fears, my body image views or struggles to lose weight.
I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be a size 2, and you know what, I wouldn't want to be. I like my curves- they are what make me feminine. I like my height and my proportions, for they are what make me strong.
Two years ago, I gave birth to this little dude.
Two years ago my views on my body image and weight changed completely. My body is the way it is and looks so that I can provide and care for my children.
Two years ago, I embarked on the great journey that is Weight Watchers. Two years later, I FINALLY REACHED MY GOAL!!!!!!!
**Caution: You will actually find out how much weight I gained and lost in this next clip. Caution**

Before my pregnancy, I weighed in comfortably at 163 lbs. For my height anywhere from 150-170 is healthy.
I then got pregnant and proceeded to eat cupcakes like they were going out of style.

I really, really, really, really LOVE cupcakes. If I had to choose between owning a new pair of shoes or eating a delicious cupcake, I would probably choose the cupcake.
Seventy pounds (oh my gosh did she really just say 70???!!!) later I had a baby and a whole lotta extra flub.
I was able to lose about 23 lbs on my own before I caved in and joined Weight Watchers.
As of today I have lost 47 pounds on Weight Watchers and weigh less than when I got married. The baby weight is GONE! I even weigh less than before I got preggers.
I feel great. No, I feel freaking amazing!
The first year was such an ordeal to let go of my old eating habits, my binging during times of sadness and punishment with exercise, it was an ordeal to really accept my body. But once I just let go of all my past anxieties, I saw the goal clear as...well, clear as clear could be.
I have given up sugar (but for the weekends and in massive moderation) and I don't miss it. I control every portion that I eat and I haven't gotten sick from eating too much food or something too rich in probably 4-6 months. You know how sometimes when you eat out and overeat or if what you ate was too rich, sometimes you can get sick. I haven't had that in forever- don't want it no thank you.
I rarely drink and I really don't comfort eat anymore.
I have also enlightened myself on my workouts.
 I absolutely love working out. I love dancing, I love running, I love biking, I love sit ups, I love push ups. You name it and I am in love with it right now. Before, exercise used to be about staying thin or a punishment. I didn't truly enjoy it.
Now I adore the time I get to workout. I love my Zumba classes and have so much fun. I love being able to just put my head phones on and escape from life for an hour. I love how strong and healthy I feel and how much more energy I have.
These past two years have been very enlightening for me. I feel that I've matured and learned a lot.
But, the biggest plus of being down 70 pounds is how much more fun it is to play with my little man. Seriously, he's a busy guy and trying to keep up with him sometimes feels like I'm running a marathon.
But, as we all know, our kids are worth it. It's worth it to be healthy and happy for them so that they have a good role model of what being fit and happy is.
Now, if you will excuse me. I'm going to celebrate my weight loss by eating a cupcake...but just one.
Celebratory picture to follow...SOON!


Sarah said...

YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've worked SO hard! So happy for you!!!!

Allison Barry said...

Man I am jealous. You did a GREAT job. I still have 15 to go. I also ate anything and everything during both pregnancies. It's so hard not to!

LisaKunkelPhotography said...

I'm SO proud of you Sarah for sticking with Weight Watchers till you reached your goal! Now you just need to stick with those 6-weeks of maintenance and you'll get your Lifetime ! ! ! !

The McGregor Clan said...

Awesome!! i have about 13 pounds to go. The body changes were worth it for the babes we were privileged to carry. Good job!