Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phoenix Bound!

In May I'm going to take a mini-vacation to Phoenix!

This trip will be just me- no boys.
Wow, what am I going to do with myself?

Well...here let me do a little show and tell!

I will work most of the day. Most of the day mind you. 

Then I will smooch these two
And get on a plane for four hours (layover in Salt Lake) before smooching these two

Then I will make them stop here

Before going home and going to bed.

I will get up and go for a hike with this gal

Grab breakfast or coffee at one of these two places

Then maybe- maybe get a pedicure before heading here
P.S. That is Scottsdale Fashion Square

Whilst at this location, I plan on perusing these stores

And perhaps buying something.
From there, my mom and I will go and have one of these


Then it will be home to go to dinner and a movie with this guy
Then to bed? Who knows?

We will get in this
Except ours is a sparkly tan color
And drive to Tuscon so I can see these guys

Perform live. Did you know this will be only the THIRD concert I have ever been to!
P.S. One of them MIGHT be my cousin. He's the cool one.
Then to bed? Who knows?

The rest of the time will be spent with the parentals. Hiking, helping out at school, cleaning or cooking something yummy for them.
I plan to enjoy the fact that I will be back in a location where the backs of my knees sweat it's so hot.

I'm excited- but I will miss my guys.
But I'm still excited!
Who wants to see a picture of me with chocolate on my chin???

You're welcome

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