Monday, April 4, 2011

This guy...

This guy...
  • Is now TWO years old
  • Talks ALL of the time! Favorite phrases:
    •  "Guess what?"
    • "I love you Mommy! I love you Daddy! I love you Lucy!"
    • "Mommy's happy! Caderyn's happy!"
    • "Cars?"
    • "Look at the big truck!"
    • "Airplanes go flying!"
    • "Can you see me?"
    • "Sit right here."
  • Has done very well with limited binkie use. Only at nap and bed time.
  • Has to sleep with his Pooh Bear blankie, Nemo fish and Chickie pillow.
  • Loves holding your finger and pulling you all over the house
  • Thinks Lucy is pretty funny and loves torturing her.
  • Loves reading.
  • Hates, HATES having his teeth brushed.
  • Loves fruit and peas
  • Poops like a maniac.
  • Loves dancing, running, jumping and being goofy.
  • Lets Mommy kiss his owies.
  • Likes coloring with Daddy.
  • Is a big show off.
  • Is a sweet little boy.

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