Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Race of Infinity (Translated: The Race of Forever)

On Tuesday, I completed yet another class toward the (what feels like) endless pursuit of my Elementary Education degree.
Yesterday I took my Child Psychology final and then my friend Tina and I went to Big Dipper after to celebrate.
Now that this whirlwind semester is over, I took a minute to observe (and perhaps grumble) at the never ending list of classes I still have to take (in comparison to what I have already done).

Currently, I have 59 credits completed out of 122 needed to obtain a full Elementary Education degree. Yikers.
I mean, technically, I guess that means I'm halfway there. So...great?
But now I'm looking at all of the classes left I have to take and my heart is beating super fast.
Here's what I HAVE TAKEN:
1. LAS 101/ Alpha Seminar 3CR (transferred from my first college, The University of Montana GO GRIZ)
2. ENWR 102 College Composition  3CR (UM)
3. CO 101 Basic Communication  3CR (UM)
4. History 4CR (UM)- I was at one point going to minor in history.
5. Literature  3CR (UM)
6. Mathematics  3CR (UM)
7. Nat. Science/ Lab  3CR (UM)
8. Philosophy 3CR (UM) I still have 3 more to obtain
9. Social Science 6CR (UM)
10. Theology 3CR (Carroll College)
11. Global Diversity 5CR (UM- I took French)
12.National Diversity 3CR (UM)
13. Foundations of Education 3CR (Carroll College)
14. Children's Literature 3CR (Carroll College)
15. Child Psychology 3CR (Carroll College)
16. World Culture Course 3CR (UM)
17. US History Course 4CR (UM)

Count 'em up: That's 59 completed.

There are still 24 classes I need to take PLUS the semester of student teaching.
Will I ever get this degree???

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