Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recap: May AZ Trip 2011

Just me, myself and I went on this quick trip.
Day One: Saturday
My mom and I hiked, had a delicious cupcake, shopped and then went to a First Communion Party.
Rating for the Day: 11 out of 10 cupcakes.

Hiking like champions 

Pure and utter BLISS! 
So many to choose from... 
The box of chosen cupcakes 
Um. YUM. A marshmallow chocolate cupcake and a black and white.  
My tastebuds just about exploded in happiness.  

Playing in the bouncer with the kids at the First Communion party. These things a fun! Do they make them for adults? 
This is probably the first time I've worn shorts in two years. No joke. I bruise really easily as you can see my the huge bruise on my leg.

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