Thursday, May 19, 2011

Um hello...

As my hubster and I have gotten more and more of a handle on this parenting thing ("Hah! Just wait until next week!" you say with an eye roll), we have come to the conclusion that buying clothes for Caderyn new just doesn't fit the budget.
Sure, Carter's has the best jammies around for kiddos, but I'm not willing to pay $20 a pair. No sir-ree. Not when said kiddo, aka Caderyn, only wears them for four or five months before growing out of them. That kid, I tell ya! He's gonna be a tall heart breaker.
So I have found it to be quite fun going to garage sales or consignment stores throughout Montana and finding our needs. Now, I do buy socks brand new and we usually will buy one or two new pairs of shoes for him a year. However, I just recently picked up a cute pair of Carter's brown shoes and some Teva sandals for Caderyn at my favorite Montana consignment store: Once Upon A Child (Great Falls) and paid $12 for both pairs and I still look at them and think they're brand new.
But, I found this super cute outfit on Old Navy's website and I couldn't help but daydream over how handsome Mr. Caderyn would look.

 Totally cute right!!!!!!!????? I imagine him wearing this while lounging in the Hamptons with a sippy cup of milk. He'd watch some polo matches (cause the stuck up rich people do that, right?), make some ladies swoon and then go home and read Chaucer.
AH! I'm totally in love with my son.

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