Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Um hello...

Nothing really new to report on our front.
It rained most of the Memorial Day weekend. I still have a band aid on my face. Pictures coming- hopefully tonight.
I did splurge a little this weekend and buy myself some new pretties (and by pretties, I mean jewels). I was having a pity party about the state of my face so I bought some earrings and a vest from this cute little online boutique called Francesca's Collections. Very cute and super great prices if I don't say so myself. I've got my eyes on a couple of their dresses, but I keep talking myself out of them which is probably a good thing.

This is one of the pairs of earrings I got. Adorable!
I don't have a lot of gold or coral so I've been brainstorming what I should wear this with and the possibilites are very exciting.
I'm just a jeans and t-shirt girl, but I'm trying to make more of an effort to look, you know, nice.
But, once I'm home from work I'm all about those sweatpants. I rock the sweatpants look, yo!

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