Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's In a Name

This article from Circle of Moms was sent my way recently.
It' gives details that one in five parents end up disliking the name they chose for their child "because it was too unusual or because they'd discovered a more fitting one too late."

I've been thinking about this a little.

You know, when I was younger I used to write name upon name of possibilities for what I would call my future children.
I loved names like Dimitri and Aurora and Egypt. I think I even wrote down the name Moon for a girl.

When I was in high school, I stumbled across the name that is now my son's, wrote it down in a journal and kept that journal close. I still have that journal and this is exactly what I have written:

Name: Caderyn. (Kay-der-in OR kah-der-in)
Gender: Boy
Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Battle Ruler

From the way it sounded when I pronounced it, to its origin and meaning I was in love with this name.
Of course, I never told Jeff this name. Until I was pregnant.
When it came time to choose a name, we talked about it quite a bit.
Jeff kept rolling off names like Alaric-- after one of his favorite historical figures-- or Rolland and Duplane, both are family names.
We played with more common names like Jeffrey Craig, Gabriel Craig (which is our next name to use if we have another boy in the future) and Benjamin James.
Middle names are just as important for me as the first name. Both need to be strong, sound good and have meaning.
When we went in for our second ultrasound to discover what we were having, we had four names picked out. Two for a boy and two for a girl. Middle names included.
The second we found out Caderyn was a boy and saw how much he'd developed since we'd last seen him at week 8 he was nothing else to me but a Caderyn James.
James is after my Daddy-o, Jim and I guess my brother too, 'cause he's Taylor James.
When I look at my son, day in and out, I see and love only Caderyn. I could never think of calling him anything else.
Jeff, at first, struggled a bit with the name. He really wanted it to have historical reference. But, once he discovered the meaning it was a done deal. You wouldn't see a prouder papa when he tells people what the name means.

I love my sons name. I will never regret that decision and I want him to grow up proud to have that name.
Jeff and I already have two other names picked out for our next children. We have a boy name (which you already know-oh dear!) and a girl name. I might do a little more name digging if we get pregnant again to play with some other options, but for now I am so happy with the names we have chosen and will possibly one day share with you all.
Of course, it is the child who makes the name.
So parents, I guess my advice (if you call it that) is to name your children wisely. I mean, they have to live with it the rest of their lives. I don't think they would appreciate being called Armchair Douglas and then have to try and convince people its French and sounds like "Amchare."
Make their names strong. Make their names meaningful. Don't regret it for a second.

P.S. Of all my friends and family that have had babies recently I have discovered I love each and every name they have chosen. I don't think I could look at any of their kiddos and call them anything else but the name they were given. So, GOOD JOB FRIENDS! :0)

We can't forget about Lucy the Goose! Her name is perfect for her too, in each and every way! She also has a lot of nicknames: The Goose, Lucious, Goose Goose, Luc, Woosey (Caderyn), Princess Puppykins, Stinkbutt etc.

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