Thursday, June 16, 2011


Confession: Remember this post? Well now we're almost in the middle of June and I'm still having issues dragging the razor across my legs. And yes, I wear skirts and capris to work. My legs are hairy...but I'm soooo tired. Caderyn finds it hilarious to run up to me and rub his little baby hands on my legs. He likes laughing, "Tickle!" To counter this, I did shave my legs yesterday.
Confession #2: I planted my first ever flowers yesterday and my mom had to help me because I had no idea what I was doing. They look beautimous. Yellow, purples and orange. I love them. I forgot to water them this morning. Ooops.

A Dream: My dream is now a reality! I have been missing my parents like WHOA because they live in Arizona, but now I don't have to miss them anymore because THEY ARE HERE FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER! Yay! Last night Jeff and my dad had a man date and went to this movie. Last night my mom helped me put pricing stickers on my garage sale items and then we crashed on the couch and watched True Blood.
Best. Night. Ever.
Love them!

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