Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Face

Hi Face.
It's me, Sarah. You know, it's nice to actually put a face to the name- AHA! Pun intended.
Oh face. How we've changed through the years.
We've been through puberty together, we've been through pimples, sunburns and copious amounts of freckles together. We've been through the heavy makeup stage and the no make up stage. We've been through so much.
Now we're moving on to that next stage where I can see that some permanent lines might become a problem. Just so you know Face, I'm not okay with this. You should probably stop this right now. Not ready for the wrinkles.
"But Sarah!", you say. "I can't help it if you crinkle up your forehead when you're stressed or surprised."
Well Face. No excuses. Stay right where you are and no one will harm you. This might be blackmail, and there could be needles and lots of unnecessary face creams in the future if you don't stay put.
And now Face. You and I need to have another serious talk.
This thing on your face Face, its called MRSA and I'm seriously tired of looking in the mirror and seeing it. I'm tired of the antibiotics making me sick in the mornings and at night. My whole body aches from these pills and they suck the life right out of me. This new round I'm on also turns my pee, sweat and tears ORANGE. ORANGE I TELL YOU. I can't wear my contacts either because it would turn my eyes orange. ORANGE!
I'm tired of rocking the Band Aid on the face and coming up with new stories to tell people about its existence. There's only so many times you can say "Bad Botox injection" before it stops being funny.
For the sake of my face and my sanity Face.
Please get better soon.

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you.


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