Thursday, June 9, 2011


This morning I woke up to yet more and more rain!
All this rain. I'm tired of it and just don't know how much more my poor frizzy hair can take.
Or my feet. I've all together just stopped wearing socks because they get soaked and now just have really wet feet. Gross.

Caderyn was rustling around in his bed starting to wake up so I quickly scooted into the kitchen to heat up some coffee and then waltzed into his room with my usual sweet-as-syrup "Good Morning!"
Over to the window I went to open the shade and let the gray drizzly light into his room.
Caderyn still didn't feel the need to pick his head up off the pillow, so he lay there snuggled in his blankies playing with a stuffed dog he has that talks. He loves this dog. It's name is Scout and it talks in a cute little kid voice and barks and sings songs and plays music.
So there Caderyn was playing with Scout while I was going around and picking out his clothes for the day.
Caderyn squeezed Scout's paw and the little voice stated, "Ruff! Ruff! Wanna play?"
To which my handsome and amazingly polite son replied, "No thank you."
I don't think Scout was offended. How could he be?

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