Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Not so much going here in our neck of the woods, except:
1. It is still raining. Day 45 I think?
2. Because of the rain my socks are always getting wet. That is how much rain we've had! So much that when I walk outside, no matter what shoes I'm wearing, my socks get wet. If there's one thing I hate the mostest in this world it has to be wet socks. Yuck!
3. To counter that, I am expecting a pair of rain boots any day now. YAY! Thank you my darling-est of darling friends who are named Sarah. I think she's my fave- besides me of course. P.S. I haven't forgotten to send you the monies. That shall arrive when you least expect it. Mwahahaha.
4. Tomorrow is someone's birthday. Not mine. Not the Bub. Not Lucy. Who does that leave...hmmm? Oh I love birthdays! They make me so giddy with excitement! Oh the cake! Oh the presents! Oh the balloons! Oh the special-ness of your special day. I love my birthday and I love everyone else's birthday. I love surprises. I have a surprise up my sleeve tomorrow, You can't see me right now, but I'm looking quite devilish.
5. I went garage sailing with my friend Lisa on Saturday morning. We pretty much hit the jackpot on our first stop. I got not one but FIVE things at one garage sale. I don't know what garage sale etiquette is, but that's almost unheard of in my books. Here's what I got:
  •  a) My fabulous new carpet cleaner. Lucy and Caderyn be warned! Any spots you try to leave on my sometimes vacuumed carpet will be no more! Huzzah! Actually, I almost want them to leave a spot so I can try it out...but really, don't. Not yet.
  • b) A pack n play crib. We discovered we actually needed three. Not one or two, but three. One for Jeff's parents house, one for Jeff's parents cabin (that one stays) and one of our own. Oh I guess I didn't factor in the one at my parents house too- so FOUR. Good gravy! Who has four pack n play cribs?
  • c) A brand spankin' new snow suit for Caderyn in 3T. It's Lands End- that's a good brand. Brand. Spankin'. New.
  • d) A cashmere sweater in the color of gray. I've never owned cashmere before. But once I touched this baby I knew it was love. I got it for $2
  • e) A pair of black work pants from Old Navy. In my size. And in longs! Do you know I have never found pants in my size in longs at a garage sale before? Or maybe I have but I would NEVER have bought them. But, these puppies were like new!
And that's what I bought. It was wonderful.
What else is going on here besides rain, wet socks, rain boots, birthdays and birthday surprises and garage sailing?
6. Well I have been working my tail off. I actually don't have a tail. That would be weird. But I probably don't have one because I've been working so much and it just doesn't have the energy to even try to grow. Whatever that means.
7. My face is almost healed. Now, what was once MRSA, just looks like a bump on my lip. A bump! But now I have a wicked sore kanker sore (kinker sore?) in my mouth and I keep biting it and it hurts.
8. But we are going to a birthday party tonight for one of Caderyn's friends- Caderyn has friends!!! And there will be cake! Cake with frosting. I'm so happy.
I'm so happy I'm going to eat a piece and not feel guilty about it. No thank you. No guilt here.
9. Random picture attack..........NOW!

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