Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I want this bedroom set.

I really want a new bedroom set that's all matchy matchy. Right now we have a beautiful bed frame that my aunt gave us that used to be hers. It's a lovely dark wood from Ethan Allen, but, methinks it's on its last leg. The frame is bent and one of the posts broke when Caderyn was climbing on it. It doesn't squeak, but rather shrieks with every single little movement and makes trying to get a good night sleep quite interesting when you think there's a banshee under the bed but it was really just your Hubster rolling over to his side.

Here is kind of what our bedroom looks like. We now have a couch in the room and some pictures on the wall. Oh, and that stuffed hippo is no more.

But how gorgeous would my new "imaginary/maybe one day" bedroom set be with bedding like this:

Or this:

 This one is my fave.

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