Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Grumble of a Day

Yesterday, my friends, was one of those days where I worried about my quality as a parent.
Don't we all have those moments?

The morning started off great.
We went garage sailing with friends- I scored a carpet cleaner (originally $125 for $55- yeah!).
Went to the Farmer's Market-- ate my first ever cake pop (yum).
Picked up my house--thank you again Lisa for entertaining the kids
Had company visit--thank you Grandma and Grandpa for coming and for lunch and ice cream.
Put Caderyn down for a nap.

Sounds pretty good, huh?
Well then we had to go to a birthday party, but it was right during the last leg of Caderyn's nap. I consider this to be the most important.
I had to wake him up. He wasn't happy.
Got to the party super late. Only ate cake for dinner.
Came home, Jeff left to go do something and I was stuck with a Mr. Crankpants.
Nothing worked for Caderyn.
He whined. He cried. He screamed. He threw himself dramatically on the floor for about two hours straight.
Every little thing would tick him off.
His car wouldn't hook up with another car. Throw yourself dramatically on the floor.
Mommy took away a rubber band he found on the floor. Scream like a banshee.
Mommy tried to redirect. Go limp and lie pathetically on the floor sobbing.

By the time tub time rolled around I was spent.
I felt like the worst Mommy ever- especially when Caderyn mimicked me saying "Gosh dang it."
I didn't curse, but he'd thrown a toy at my foot and it was a sharp toy and it hurt like the dickens.
So I said, "Gosh dang it."
Caderyn immediately said the same thing.
So I texted my husband that our only child was turning my delicious red hair blondish-gray and plopped him in the tub.
Tubs usually make everything better, right?
Well Caderyn did calm down.
But then thought it was funny to start talking about his "pee-pee" and wanting to wash it.
He's only two. How did we get to this conversation already?
So I had a heart to heart with my boy about pee-pee conversations.
What is appropriate, what is not. Am I crazy? I'm sure we'll have many more of these conversations.
I don't know, what do other parents out there do?
Then I looked at my sons hair which has recently started to resemble a mullet and without thinking grabbed a pair of scissors and started snipping away at his "business in the front, party in the back" hair style.
Five minutes later the back of his head looked great but he moved when I was cutting his bangs and now has a nice chunk above his eyebrows that  is much shorter than the rest. He looks a little like Frankenstein in that part of his face. I think we'll take him for a professional trim this week.
Once the tub was over and he was dry, lotioned, tooth brushed and jammied the only thing I could think of doing was putting on some Bob the Builder and crashing on the couch.
I threw a minor pity party for myself thinking that I was a no-good-for-nothing mom who was too hard on her son and didn't make him happy. Who let him watch too much television and fed him cake for dinner (we did have a banana and chicken nuggets later) and woke him up early from his nap. Who had a patience that yesterday only stretched as far as my pinkie finger and butchers her only sons beautiful hair. PITY PARTY I TELL YOU!
But, as soon as I stretched out on the couch Caderyn was right there with me.
He snuggled into the crook of my neck and whispered, "I love you, Mommy."
With those words, I knew everything was going to be fine and I wasn't as awful a mom as I sometimes made myself out to be.
I kissed his sweet smelling head, covered us up with a blanket and told him exactly the same thing.

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