Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm going out of town for a bit.
This vacation couldn't be more needed right now.

Therefore, I'm dropping off the face of this planet for a couple days and I probably won't be writing.
Check back in next week.
I know you'll miss me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


So I noticed how my follower-ship has gone from nine to fourteen in just two months! Yay!
I was thinking of asking for your help, you wonderful people that read my words, to help increase my followers.
Tell your friends, tell your parents (if you like my blog) that when I reach 50, the BIG FIVE-OH! I will actually do a giveaway drawing. I don't have sponsors-- so this will actually be a really sahweeeet gift that I go and pick out, buy myself and then make sure the winner gets it. Sounds kind of cool huh!

So click here to vote for me OR start following me and I will choose, at random, one of my 50 followers. Who knows, maybe we could make this like a regular monthly thing. Eeeeeeeee! I love giving presents. Your present to me would just be reading, and, hopefully enjoying what you read.

P.S. The gift I give will be based on whether or not the winner is male or female. So I might actually have TWO gifts to give. One to a guy and one to a gal. I haven't decided yet, but I like that idea.

P.P.S. Did you know that if Jeff and I were a food couple, we would look like this:
I am the chocolate cake smothered in frosting and Jeffy is just plain ole' vanilla cake with a little frosting. Don't we look delicious?


Striped shirt: Target
Jeans: Banana Republic
Cute Wedges: Target
Peace Sign Necklace and Hoop Earrings: Silpada
Cute Kissy Face Hubster: MINE

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


These past few weekends of July I have not had my child.
I have been working pretty much non-stop and have given up my parental duties in the place of running around campus all day catering to the needs of others. Not my child's needs, other people's needs.
So my parents have been watching him-- so thankful they are here for the summer!
My in-laws have been watching him--so thankful they live only an hour away!

Without my child I have also found an unusual amount of time to myself.
Jeff and I have been able to go on a date. We have been able to go to a movie. We've just sat around looking at each other a little lost about what to do without our child. We have been able to actually go out after 10:00 p.m.

But this past weekend I was downtown, and, sometime around 1:30 a.m. (gasp!) I had an epiphany.

I wanted to be at home.

I wanted to be at home in my bed. I wanted to be wearing comfy stretchy pants. I wanted to have Jeff snoring loudly next to me. I wanted to smell the warm summer breeze as it floated through our open window. I wanted to hear the soft electronic hum of our baby monitor, occasional sighs from Caderyn echoing just a room away.

I had decided I was done with this nightlife scene. It only took me 26 years to realize this.

I do like going out with my friends and chatting and sometimes shaking my moneymaker. I firmly believe all ladies and gents alike need some time away with their friends. I can still go out- but once in a blue moon, and I don't think that I really need to be out past midnight every night during the weekend. I don't think I need to be guzzling beers or taking shots (I didn't, but I'm trying to go for major emphasis here). I'm not looking for a man, I have one of those thank you very much. I'm not looking to make friends down at the bars and I'm not looking to push the limits of my youth.
I am a married woman, closing in on the big 3-0 (It's only 4 years away!) and I really, at that moment, just felt the desire to be a homebody. I wanted all of my family tucked soundly into bed, the house picked up and the remnant smell of a home cooked meal still lingering in the air. I wanted to be thinking about the fun we could be having the next day. Baking something sweet in our kitchen, playing in the yard or snuggling up and reading.

Having reached this conclusion, I found myself a bit depressed but also very, very happy.
A little depressed, because the carefree days of my youth are no more. Oh well, they weren't all that great anyways. I was always studying to get good grades, always working or always dating Jeff.
Kinda sounds like my life now- kinda studying all the time, kinda working all the time and kinda being Jeff's wife and Caderyn's Mommy.
But I'm okay with this. I'd rather spend my Friday nights ordering a pizza, going for a walk together or having a play date. Once Caderyn is in bed, I'm perfectly content to pick up my house (or not) and lounge on the couch with Jeff watching a movie or even crawling into bed early to read.
I would rather spend my Saturday mornings in our pajamas before heading to the Farmer's Market. I love lazy Saturdays where there are no time limits.
I would just rather spend my time tidying up my house, getting caught up on laundry, playing cars with Caderyn or cooking a meal for my husband.
I get to do so little of that now, it sounds like the most wonderful weekend in the world!
So it is now, at the ripe ole' age of 26, that I have reached adulthood.
Where I now find that some things are so much more important than others and I feel like a whole new set of doors has opened for me revealing the most beautiful pathway of motherhood and family that I can hardly wait to embark on.
Now, if only the summer would end and I can get my son back from his extended vacations.
Next week! Hooray!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Shenanigans are had by all.

Pretending to be the dancers from White Snake on cars that were driven in college.

Wondering what the heck our brother is talking about sometimes.

Mugging on brothers we don't see nearly enough

Wondering what YOU'RE looking at.

Thinking funny thoughts.

And just overall being very happy to be with my bestie and brosef- yes I just called him that.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This question is asked on an almost daily basis.
To which I reply, "They are on a trip."

He answers me with this face:

Lawdy, Lawdy. What are we going to do when they actually do head back to Phoenix in two weeks?
Help us all. I can't stand to see that sad little face.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I found this little precious last night. Jeff and Caderyn were out of town visiting my in-laws and I found my house very clean, very quiet and very lonely. So, I started perusing around online, Etsy, to be exact, and I found this bauble.
Don't you love it?! Isn't it so true!? J'adore!
I am obsessed with cupcakes and they definitely make me smile.
I can see this being added to my Christmas list.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Methinks the hubster and I are going to start talking about buying a new camera.
Ours just isn't making the cut. Most of our images turn out blurry. Boo!

Hair: Me
Non-MRSA Face: Me
Green shirt: Ann Taylor
Floral Skirt: Cabi
Cute Wedges (is this what they are called?): Target
I also had some jewelry on but can't remember what. I'm pretty sure it was Silpada.


Who is Caillou?
This is Caillou.
He doesn't look evil....he doesn't look like a bad influence.
But deep down in the depths of my very soul, I have come to despise this bald cartoon boy.

"But, Sarah!" you say. "He's only a 4-year-old little boy! He's not even real and he's actually a good role model for kids."

To this I say NO!
He is annoying. He is whiny and his family situation is completely unrealistic.

First of all. His name. His name sounds like Gwenyth Paltrow, Mariah Carey and some other stupid human being who wanted to name their spawn something "original" got together and just chose something at random. P.S. I think the names Apple and Morroccon are atrocious names for children.
Now, I have a different name for my child, but his name has a heritage and strong meaning behind it.
I also took the time to try and discover the meaning of Caillou's name and couldn't find anything. So, it just appeared out of nowhere.

Secondly, this Caillou is a whiny as all heck child. If he doesn't get his way he WHINES. In a perfectly pitched whine voice that makes my skin crawl. So basically, this kid is teaching mine how to whine. I seriously get the chills when I hear him go "Mommy" in a whiny voice (not my child. Caillou).

Third, I read something that stated Caillou "displayed realistic reactions" to situations. No. Some of the things Caillou does I could have prevented with my eyes closed. And, there's nothing realistic about parents who smilesmilesmile all the time and seem to have an almost aloofly calm manner to approaching their childrens' situations. There have been times when I've wondered if Caillou's parents aren't...dare I say it...engaged in the throws of a marijuana fantasy.
I'm totally against raising voices at your children in any situation, but the manner in which Caillou's parents handle the discipline and occurrences on the show is just...creepy.

Plus, he's FOUR-YEAR'S- OLD. Shouldn't he have hair already!?

So there you have it. My child adores Caillou. I rarely let him watch it. He still adores it when it comes on.
I just can't figure out why so many children are drawn to this show...but I understand that many of the parents who children watch this show can't stand it.
I guess I'm just one of many.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In two weeks time, I will be on an airplane to spend time with my in-laws and celebrate the marriage of my beautiful sister-in-law.
I can barely stand it I'm so excited.
Shortly after the wedding extravaganza, Jeffy and I will be on the road to San Francisco (thank you Pam and Craig for watching Caderyn) to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Holy smokes. We're like Hollywood royalty we've been married so long.
We'll be staying here:
Eating at places like here:

And spending some good ole' fashioned time with this guy

I can't wait.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Confession: I still put toothpaste on zits.

Dream: Wouldn't it be awesome to live overseas for like a year or two? Man, I would love to live in Germany because it's centrally located to pretty much all of the places I want to go.

Boring post? Well, too bad! I'm busy working. You'll just have to deal with my absence with...wait for it...patience.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Since I've had a baby I'm thinking yes.
Cute, huh!


I love attention.
I love Uncle Taylor.
I hate squirrels.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Recipe: No mayonnaise. Extra cheekies. Lots of cute little boy. A mama. A mama's mama, also know as a Mimi. Some sugar, spice, snails and puppy dog tails.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Right now I'm reading this:
This is the 4th book in the time travel series. My mom got me hooked on them. I find her characters so interesting and love that the majority of them are Scottish--like me! Yay!

What I have read:

I must thank Sarah for sending this book to me. I absolutely LOVED it. I finished it in a day and a half. I was mesmerized by the entire story and felt that Stockett wrote beautifully. He beautiful words weave an entrancing story of race in Jackson, Mississippi. The story is mostly told from the standpoint of two African American maids in the 1960s and all that they know about the households they work in, what they have to put up with and how much they love the children they care for. You also read the story from the viewpoint of a girl named Skeeter who is the driving force behind a big change that comes to all three of these ladies, their lives forever entwined and altered.

Lordy, Lordy. Where do I begin with this book? This came highly recommended from about five people. Goolrick writes like a dream with intense description...but I just didn't like this book. It was very dark and very sexual. Not that those are necessarily bad things in books some times, but this one just didn't click with me. There was something just a little too dark around this book. Now, other people might disagree with me and that's fine, but this is my blog and this is how I felt about this book.

Alas, the last book in this series.I have loved each and every book I have read. This book took me the longest to read because it was so intense. I would read a chapter and then have to put it down because I was sweating in anticipation- SERIOUSLY! Everyone should read these books. They are so good and I love how Larsson was a huge "hero" advocate.  



MRSA Face: Me
Earrings: Silpada
Cluster Striped Top: Cabi $40-I hit up their spring sale and this baby was originally $80!
Black shurg: Nordstrams- for like $15
Black Pants: Old Navy- got these baby's at a garage sale for $2
Shoes: Juicy- a gift from my favorite person named Sarah, other than me

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Family photo session with Lisa Kunkel. More photos coming soon!


Well, what a 4th of July!
This year we spent time with my Dad's side of the family up at Holter Lake.
I haven't spent the 4th of July with them for almost three years, so it was good to spend some time with them.
This 4th of July also marked the first time in probably 10-15 years that I've slept in a tent. It was a long weekend filled with love, laughter, outhouse using and not showering (yes, I went there) and a little bit of drama.
Here is my recap.

Friday, July 1

We had family pictures with my friend Lisa that day so Jeff got off work later than expected. My parents took Caderyn up to the lake under the assumption that we would follow shortly. Jeff got home around 5:00 p.m. and the car was pretty much packed and ready to go. For the record, I actually like packing the car. It's like a beautiful science getting everything to fit. The only problem was that Jeff came home and started the application process for a job he's been eyeing. I had been pestering him all week about getting it done and Friday was really the only time he could do it. So, two hours later than expected we finally pulled out of the driveway and headed to Holter Lake. Got there around 9:30 p.m. and madly dashed around to get everything unpacked and put Caderyn into bed. Then we sat around the campfire and giggled over stories from when we were younger before heading to bed.

Saturday, July 2
Got up early. My grandpa, aunt and uncle went fishing in the morning and Jeff and I decided we were going to go and get fishing licenses. So after breakfast, we lathered Caderyn with sunscreen and sent him off on a walk with my parents and grandma while we ran into Wolf Creek and grabbed some licenses. Back into camp we went, only to turn right around and head back home- not Wolf Creek- home. While on his walk, Caderyn had fallen and cut his knee on something. Looking closer at the knee once he was back at our campsite, it was determined that my two-year-old little boy needed stitches. STITCHES! At only two! Lordy Lordy. So we loaded the big guy up and drive to the Urgent Care in town where he got THREE stitches. Oh he was so brave! My little boy only cried for maybe 5 minutes when they were examining the wound. He didn't kick or scream when they did the stitched. My heart was hurting for him over the pain he was in, but I was so proud of how brave he was. His pain tolerance is amazing!
Here is how our afternoon was spent.
Taking vitals

The dreaded knee gash

Being such a brave boy
This portable dvd player was a lifesaver. It helped to distract Caderyn during most of the procedure.

With the leg stitched up we headed back to camp. Caderyn and I went down for a much needed nap and Jeff went fishing. The guys had great success with their fishing and Caderyn woke happy, but a little cranky because his knee was bothering him.

Sunday, July 3

Poor Jeff. The guy has awful, awful allergies. With allergy-induced tears streaming down his swollen face, my hubster had to go back into town and stay the night to try and feel better. I read pretty much ALL day. It was amazing. The lake put on an amazing and l-o-u-d firework display that kept Caderyn up until midnight. I took no pictures. I also overdosed on M & M's. I also ate a delicious hamburger. For those of you that know me-- eating a hamburger is a pretty big deal. I don't eat meat very much.

Monday, July 4
We did the Gates of the Mountain tour. This was my first time experiencing it and I loved it! I keep asking myself why I don't do stuff like this more. I live in such a gorgeous state, I need to get myself and my family out more. Jeff was able to clear his allergies up enough to come back that afternoon. My aunt and uncle had to go back home and we rearranged camp a little before having a great campfire, watching some fireworks and playing a mean game of Farkle.
Very happy to be on a boat.  


Getting ready to put the boat in the water

Hanging out with Papa up front

The Gates of the Mountain. The Gates are opening.

Out of the Gates, looking back at them.

So excited to go over big waves.

I love Montana so much.

These mountains were on both sides of the water for most of the ride. Just amazing.  

Captain Caderyn

Overall, it was a wonderful Fourth of July. I can't wait to see what next summer brings!