Thursday, July 14, 2011


Who is Caillou?
This is Caillou.
He doesn't look evil....he doesn't look like a bad influence.
But deep down in the depths of my very soul, I have come to despise this bald cartoon boy.

"But, Sarah!" you say. "He's only a 4-year-old little boy! He's not even real and he's actually a good role model for kids."

To this I say NO!
He is annoying. He is whiny and his family situation is completely unrealistic.

First of all. His name. His name sounds like Gwenyth Paltrow, Mariah Carey and some other stupid human being who wanted to name their spawn something "original" got together and just chose something at random. P.S. I think the names Apple and Morroccon are atrocious names for children.
Now, I have a different name for my child, but his name has a heritage and strong meaning behind it.
I also took the time to try and discover the meaning of Caillou's name and couldn't find anything. So, it just appeared out of nowhere.

Secondly, this Caillou is a whiny as all heck child. If he doesn't get his way he WHINES. In a perfectly pitched whine voice that makes my skin crawl. So basically, this kid is teaching mine how to whine. I seriously get the chills when I hear him go "Mommy" in a whiny voice (not my child. Caillou).

Third, I read something that stated Caillou "displayed realistic reactions" to situations. No. Some of the things Caillou does I could have prevented with my eyes closed. And, there's nothing realistic about parents who smilesmilesmile all the time and seem to have an almost aloofly calm manner to approaching their childrens' situations. There have been times when I've wondered if Caillou's parents aren't...dare I say it...engaged in the throws of a marijuana fantasy.
I'm totally against raising voices at your children in any situation, but the manner in which Caillou's parents handle the discipline and occurrences on the show is just...creepy.

Plus, he's FOUR-YEAR'S- OLD. Shouldn't he have hair already!?

So there you have it. My child adores Caillou. I rarely let him watch it. He still adores it when it comes on.
I just can't figure out why so many children are drawn to this show...but I understand that many of the parents who children watch this show can't stand it.
I guess I'm just one of many.


Jeff said...

Caillou means "stone" or "pebble" in French. Lots of good research you did there, honey. It took me 11.2 seconds to find that on an online French to English translator.
I hate Caillou, too.

Sarah said...

Psh- its not on any of the baby name websites i looked up. WHO THE CRAP NAMES THEIR KID AFTER A PEBBLE. Except for the Flinstones, but I mean come one, they live in the stone age.

Allison Barry said...

So was I the inspiration for this post or are we just really living the same exact life?

Really his voice makes me want to vomit.

and my husband hates that the mom and dad have the exact same face.

Sarah said...

I was writing this post and then I took a break and read your post. I laughed out loud. I think we are living the same life. I want to put Caillou in time out and see how he reacts.

B, in the Great Funkk said...

Wow. There is a lot of hate for this little guy. Another blogger I follow posted something along the lines of our kids watch it and my hubby made up a different tune for the begining and now the girls are singing it. Whoops.

cornnut32 said...

My children are OBSESSED with Caillou...they always know when it is on Sprout, and when it isn't, they are begging to watch it on my iphone. I agree with the seems that the episodes on YouTube are much worse than the ones Sprout shows. I don't understand the appeal either....bright colors?