Thursday, July 21, 2011


So I noticed how my follower-ship has gone from nine to fourteen in just two months! Yay!
I was thinking of asking for your help, you wonderful people that read my words, to help increase my followers.
Tell your friends, tell your parents (if you like my blog) that when I reach 50, the BIG FIVE-OH! I will actually do a giveaway drawing. I don't have sponsors-- so this will actually be a really sahweeeet gift that I go and pick out, buy myself and then make sure the winner gets it. Sounds kind of cool huh!

So click here to vote for me OR start following me and I will choose, at random, one of my 50 followers. Who knows, maybe we could make this like a regular monthly thing. Eeeeeeeee! I love giving presents. Your present to me would just be reading, and, hopefully enjoying what you read.

P.S. The gift I give will be based on whether or not the winner is male or female. So I might actually have TWO gifts to give. One to a guy and one to a gal. I haven't decided yet, but I like that idea.

P.P.S. Did you know that if Jeff and I were a food couple, we would look like this:
I am the chocolate cake smothered in frosting and Jeffy is just plain ole' vanilla cake with a little frosting. Don't we look delicious?


Cara said...

Well done on the 14 (now 15 since I joined :P) followers! :).

I'll be happy to recommend your blog :)!

Lindsay said...

Happy to be #16! I love the way you write, Sarah!

Sarah said...

Hooray! Thank you ladies!

Jeff said...

And who's paying for this really sahweeet gift?